How To Make Shabby Chic Modern In 2019

shabby chic modern 2019
An eclectic interior style that mingles antique furniture with lots of white and pale colours, lace with feminine florals, shabby chic is a warm, comforting interior aesthetic.

While more minimalistic and modern interior styles have swept to popularity recently, ‘shabby chic’ remains a favourite for anyone craving a softer, and more eclectic surrounding.

Characterised by a worn, lived-in look, there’s something approachable and inviting about homes in a shabby chic style. Perhaps it’s the furnishings that are imperfect and a little bit feminine. Or it could be the coordinated but mismatched accessories.

If you want to revisit this soft and dreamy style for your home, you’re in luck! Shabby chic design and vintage home decor can be given a contemporary twist thanks to a few simple tweaks.

Here’s how to update your home with a shabby chic style for 2019. 

shabby chic 2019

#1 – Antique Frames 

A shabby chic home wouldn’t be complete without a good selection of antique frames on the walls. Swap any plain frames used for art and mirrors with ornate antique frames.

You can shop for these frames inexpensively – visit markets, garage sales, or browse secondhand listings online. To shabby them up, give them a quick sanding and then paint them in white or aged metallic paint and you’re ready to hang.

#2 – Lighting and Plumbing Fixtures 

Lighting and tapware will also play a large part in creating a shabby chic aesthetic. When shopping for new items, look for fixtures that fit the vintage style but offer modern technology. Because of this, you’ll need to buy new rather than antique pieces. 

For lighting, chandeliers are the epitome of shabby chic, and they’ll give your home a touch of elegance. Look for chandeliers that have an ornate or vintage feel in either aged metals or pale painted metal.

For plumbing, the same applies. Look for fixtures that channel vintage fixtures in style, but will allow you to connect to modern connections. That way, you needn’t sacrifice modern technology such as your Filtap water purifier. 

Choose finishes such as brass or cast iron. Porcelain is another vintage material that will look right at home in your shabby chic interior. 

shabby chic 2019

#3 – Styling Materials 

When it comes to accents and accessories, there are a few materials that really typify the shabby chic look. Because shabby chic is a rustic / country look, hessian (burlap) can be used for a range of accessories such as pillow cases, lampshades, rugs, hall runners, and even as a wall covering. Burlap is a natural woven fabric that is a good neutral colour. It will also add texture. 

Lace is another popular material used in shabby chic interiors. Its femininity offsets the earthiness of the hessian, and it too will add interest and texture.

Metallics are another material that work for this style. Look for pieces that appear slightly worn, and aged – and avoid anything that is too shiny and new. 

#4 – Furniture

When it comes to selecting the main furniture pieces, look for distressed or vintage. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always distress the furniture yourself! There are plenty of ways you can add a vintage effect to newer furniture. Sanded, cracked, and peeling finishes are ideal. Embrace the nicks, chips, and scratches. 

Another option is to find (or make) furniture that has been whitewashed. With this finish, a thin layer of white paint is applied to a wooden base, allowing the grain to show through. 

#5 – Make It Your Own

Now you have the basics to create an updated shabby chic style in your home. This is one interior decoration style that allows you a lot of creative license, so pick and choose the individual pieces you love and make them your own.

But don’t think you need to rush out and buy a complete new household of distressed and vintage furnishings! You may be able to utilise your existing items with a few simple tweaks and touches.

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