Fitness: 6 Reasons To Add Trampolining To Your Workouts

trampoline fitness trend
If you find it hard to stay motivated when it comes to cardio, then trampolining may just be the ticket to keep you keeping on.

If you’re like most adults, you probably put your trampolining days behind you some years ago. But thanks to celebrity trainers such as Simone De La Rue, who is responsible for training the Victoria Secret models, trampolining has become the latest way of keeping fit.

Perfect for most ages, trampolining is a fun and effective way of boosting your cardio fitness – even if it does seem a little out-of-the-box at first. From reducing stress, to improving your coordination, there are plenty of other benefits to Trampoline Flight which go beyond basic fitness. If you’re feeling hesitant to climb on, we’ve broken down all the reasons why you should start jumping today.

6 reasons to add a trampoline to your workouts!

#1 – Helps the heart

Any doctor, PT or physio will tell you that committing to a vigorous aerobic workout will strengthen your muscles and assist with a healthy cardiovascular system. So what does that mean? A healthy cardiovascular system will lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of developing diabetes, and will assist with inflammation and body weight control. Sure, having a regular bounce on a trampoline is fun, but that’s nothing compared to the positive impact you will be giving your heart and body.

#2 – Great for your joints

As we grow older, our joints are likely to fall victim to sprains and strains. However, regular exercise will prime your joints to handle more and keep them operating at their optimal. Trampolining is a low-impact exercise that is a great way to introduce your joints to new movements. Start with a ten minute bounce per day, and scale up from there.

#3 – Improves coordination

Coordination is something we could all get a little assistance with! Trampolining requires coordination in a way that many exercises don’t. For example, it challenges you to maintain balance, try different positions and increase jump height. All while breathing heavily and using your core muscles for stability. As you progress through experience, you can start to experiment with positions and jump styles.

trampolining fitness trend

#4 – Stress reliever

Chances are, you’ve never seen anyone frowning on a trampoline. How could you? Trampolining releases endorphins, which are responsible for the feel-good brain chemicals we all thrive on. Compared to some of the more gruelling exercise types which won’t release the same volume of endorphins, trampolining may encourage you to keep coming back to exercise regularly (whereas exercises that don’t promote endorphins have you running for the nearest exit.) In short, trampolining will get you exercising for longer, and open to more styles of training in search of that next endorphin high.

#5 – Weight loss

Weight loss may not be the only reason we turn to fitness, but who are we kidding – it does play a big part in our consideration process. Trampolining is a great way to stay in shape, as the jumping motion burns calories at a fast rate. Compared to going on a long run, trampolining elevates your heart rate for longer, which improves how the body metabolises food (and subsequently burns fat.)

#6 – Energy levels

A strong fitness schedule ensures that you tackle the week with high levels of energy. High energy is required for our physical and mental tasks, but it also greatly aids sleep. Bouncing on a trampoline increases oxygen flow around the body, which in turn, cause your energy levels to spike. Increased oxygen levels around the brain is always ideal, and jumping is one way to achieve this.

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