How To Buy Baby Clothes (Guide For Non-Parents!)

how to buy baby clothes 2
A friend or family member has had a baby – yay! This is a time of great excitement for all involved, and your first thought invariably turns to finding the perfect little outfit to gift to the new bub.

Those without personal experience with children, think that shopping for their clothes is easy. After all, how hard can choosing a gorgeous little outfit be? Well, there’s a few things that can go wrong for the novice baby clothes-buyer.

For instance, the little one could find the clothes uncomfortable, they could outgrow the outfit in a matter of days, or the clothes could even be unsafe. Therefore, it’s worth keeping in mind a few tips if you want to end up with a purchase that both mum and baby adore.

Once you’re equipped with these top tips, check out baby clothes in a store near you!

how to buy baby clothes

#1 – Keep the right size in mind

Yes, we all get tempted to buy baby clothes that are little too big for them so that they can wear them for a while before the next shopping trip. This is wrong. Imagine if you were wearing jeans that were two sizes too large or shoes that didn’t fit well. It’s not just uncomfortable – it’s exhausting!

For sure, the baby won’t be pulling their jeans up every now and then, but the wrong sized clothes will get uncomfortable. By the same token, undersize clothes are not just uncomfortable but also dangerous.

Clothes that are too tight can easily choke a baby or put undue stress on their body parts such as the arms and legs. (The same goes for bedding, so keep this in mind of you are looking for baby beds online.)

#2 – Safety first

No, not all baby clothes are safe. This is especially the case for newborns. Some baby clothes have to be worn over the head and this means that clothes with poor design (or are too tight around the neck) will press against the delicate part of the skull, which is only centimeters away from their brain. To prevent this, the best baby clothes are fastened with buttons or closed with a zipper or velcro.

#3 – Buy breathability

Baby clothing should easily circulate air, as this is important for regulating temperature. Some materials are better at helping to regulate temperatures than others, with cotton, wool, and those made with bamboo fibres being ideal. While looking out for breathable materials, consider the season too. Whereas summer calls for clothes and fabrics with more aeration, winter needs more tightly-knit fabrics.

#4 – Think comfort

While it’s tempting to buy the coolest, most fashionable outfit for little ones, to be fair, babies ought to be kept as comfortable as they can be. This means that miniaturised versions of adult clothes may not be the wisest choice. Opt for clothes made with soft materials that won’t irritate their sensitive and delicate skin. If it is too prickly or rough, you’ll have sowed the seeds for a very uncomfortable and unsettled baby (and you’ll end up in mum’s bad books).

In summary, when shopping for baby clothes, just remember to keep their comfort and happiness firmly in mind. Children’s outfits also must be safe; tight closures and hanging strings, or moving parts could choke them easily.


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