The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Baby & Mum

If someone you know is having a baby, congratulations are in order! Pregnancy brings a lot of anticipation and excitement for the mother-to-be, as well as the friends and family around her.

Sooner or later, the mum-to-be will host her baby shower. Baby showers are usually held around 4-6 weeks before the baby is due, so that the mum-to-be is almost at the end of her third trimester, but not so far along that she could pop at any minute!

Nowadays, in addition to baby showers, more and more parents-to-be are throwing “gender reveal parties” at around 20 weeks. This provides another great excuse to celebrate and get everybody excited for the new arrival.

If you’re attending a baby shower, this is one event where you won’t want to turn up empty handed. One of the main reasons of a baby shower, is to “shower” the mum-to-be with beautiful gifts, toys and essentials so that she feels prepared for the birth of the baby. To understand more about the needs of new mums, read this article from Nuna.

However, don’t think it’s all just about baby – it’s important that mum’s are included in the baby shower gift-giving process as well. Giving a gift that she can enjoy alone like a selection of the best bath salts in Australia or a spa voucher will be immensely appreciated.

So, if you’re looking for the best baby shower gift ideas, keep reading.

best baby shower gifts

Baby shower gifts for baby

When buying gifts for the baby, they should be thoughtful, sweet and useful. Think of presents that will make their first few months on earth as comfortable and as enriching as possible.

Blankets and bedding – New parents can never have enough blankets and bedding when they’re parenting a newborn baby, due to the amount of times these items need to be washed and replaced!

A great way to make the blanket you’re gifting more meaningful, is to get the baby’s initials embroidered on it. (If you don’t know the baby’s initials yet, you can simply put the word “baby” next to the family surname..)

Sleep sacks or sleep swaddles from Nested Bean as a baby shower gift shows your thoughtfulness in choosing a practical present that will be used and appreciated by the new parents, contributing to a better and more restful sleep routine for their little one.

Baby clothes – Baby clothes are practical and fun to shop for. With so many options available it’s certainly no chore choosing your favourite pieces of tiny clothing. Just be sure to buy items for the slightly older age bracket too, not only newborn.

Toys and books – Buying the baby a cuddly toy or a picture book is the most obvious choice of present. For full sentimental value, why not gift the baby your own favourite and personalised Disney subscription box packed with loads of Disney goodies from your childhood.

The essentials – Though it may sound boring, buying a selection of medical supplies for the baby is a very useful gift that will save the parents money. Think muslins, nappies, nappy rash cream, wipes, bottles, etc. Search nappy bag australia to get started on finding the most useful items for parents.

Baby record book/photo album – A baby record book and photo album is a special gift, as the mother and father can record their baby’s first steps, first words and milestone moments.

best baby shower gifts flowers

Baby shower gifts for mum

Don’t forget to treat mum! She’ll be emotionally exhausted and sleep-deprived, and will need all the TLC she can get, especially in the first few months of motherhood.

Pregnancy/nursing pillow – A useful gift to gift a mum-to-be at her baby shower is a pregnancy or nursing pillow. This will make the last few weeks of her pregnancy and the first few months of motherhood as comfortable as possible.

Spa voucher – Every mother-to-be is in desperate need of some “me time” and a pamper. Buying her a spa voucher so that she can get a facial, a massage or mani-pedi will be a winner.

Sweet treats – Pregnant women often experience intense cravings throughout their pregnancy, so appease their sweet tooth by gifting them a box of sumptuous luxury chocolates.

A babymoon – Planning and covering the cost of a “babymoon” for the mother and father-to-be is a lovely gift idea. Pay for a babysitter for an evening or for a meal out for the couple to give them some much needed quality time.

Flowers – There are of course Mothers’ Day Flowers, but one of the most beautiful gifts to give a mother-to-be at her baby shower is a beautiful bouquet of blooms.

Gifting a bouquet of flowers is much more than how they look and smell – the right flower can express joy and new life, which is apt for a baby shower.

Floral ideas for appropriate flower gifting are:

  • White Stargazer Lilies (representative of innocence and purity)
  • Daffodils (representative of Spring, new birth and good fortune)
  • Sunflowers (representative of joy and cheer)
  • Chrysanthemums (representative of optimism and long life)
  • Gerberas (representative of purity, innocence and cheer)
  • Yellow Tulips (representative of cheerfulness and joy).

Kindle – Another thoughtful gift for the mother-to-be that the other guests of the baby shower will unlikely have thought of is a Kindle. A Kindle is a great gift because it can help entertain mums during the night time feed or early mornings. Better yet, the lightweight kindle illuminates in the dark.

A robe and slippers – Buying the mother a soft and fluffy robe and matching slippers is always another well-received gift. As new mothers spend a lot of time at home in the early days, why not help her look and feel as comfortable and stylish as possible. A robe and slippers gives them a little slice of luxury.

Although motherhood is incredibly exciting, it can be incredibly challenging and tiring, even for experienced mums. The more you can do to alleviate the stress and pressure of motherhood – whether that be a gift for the baby or the mother – the better! And if you’re still stuck, remember that the best gift you can give is your love and support.

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