Weddings: The Most Common Questions Answered

wedding tips
The question has been popped, there’s a ring on your finger – you’re getting married.

You may already have an idea of how you want the big day to unfold, but you could also be gripped with confusion and bafflement. Not everyone loves the idea of planning a wedding! Weddings can be hard work, and pulling all the pieces together to perfection is often stressful.

While we have plenty of wedding inspiration to choose from, thanks to the slew of royal weddings, celebrity weddings, our friend’s weddings, and of course, Pinterest, the weight of expectation to create your own dream day can be huge.

Making the happiest day of your life less stressful takes planning and research. It’s also wise to make decisions as far in advance as possible which takes pressure off you in the long-run.

Here are the answers to some of the most common wedding questions couples face when tying the knot.

wedding tips

To Hire A Wedding Planner, Or Nor To Hire A Wedding Planner? 

The debate here comes down to two factors, and it is a personal choice at the end of the day. Firstly, how well do you deal with stress? And secondly, how good are you at relinquishing control over a big part of your life? If you can step back to relieve stress, then a wedding planner is for you.

Look at examples of weddings planned by any prospective planners, and make sure you’re happy with the type of style choices that they make. Meet with them too, as personality is vital to a good working relationship. You are entrusting a lot into their hands, and it’s essential that you like them.

How Do I Keep Track of Everything?

Granted, you’re planning a wedding not a major ad campaign, but in terms of collating everything from sketches of wedding dresses to creative groomsmen gift ideas, starting a mood board of sorts will allow you to come up with a clear vision of how you want everything to be. Using sites like Pinterest, you can keep a track of inspiration, with links to companies that have products you are considering. There are no shortage of other helpful sites out there from wedding registry sites to those that help you customize gifts for groomsmen

Am I Paying Too Much (or too little?)

If an offer is too good to be true, it usually is. And likewise, paying a high price for something doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting all the bells and whistles. Regardless, whatever you agree with a wedding vendor, get it in writing. If they’ve quoted you a particular service or product for a specific price, get a breakdown of what is on offer. Having everything defined in writing means they cannot change their prices later.

Lastly, weddings mean big money to a lot of businesses, and it’s not uncommon for prices to increase as soon as the ‘W’ word is mentioned. Where possible, try to shop from places that are not marketed towards weddings, as you’ll likely save a bit by doing so.

Should You  Hire A Professional Photographer?

A big question is how you plan to record the big day for posterity. After all, hiring a professional photographer can be expensive! And when friends can take reasonable photos for free, do you really need a professional?

Stop and think – after your wedding, all you’ll have left will be memories and photos. While the memories captured by friends are fun and spontaneous, you’re not guaranteed to get coverage of the entire event, or all of the significant people in your life. Wedding photographers who are worth their salt know exactly what to look for. They will understand who and what is important to you, and reflect this in your photos.

Prices can differ vastly between photographers, but before you decide to try and save money by hiring someone cheaper, look at some portfolios, and compare what is on offer. 

A high-end photographer will meet with you before your wedding to discuss what you’re looking for. They will take time to get to know both of you, and will communicate with you right up until the day. On the wedding day itself, a professional photographer will usually be there from preparation to the end, capturing all the pivotal moments.

Professional photographers are also skilled at organizing group shots, which friends and family won’t be able to do. And of course, there’s the post-wedding edit. A high-end wedding photographer will go through all the images, and edit the best ones which will form your wedding album.

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