The Skincare Tips Everyone Forgets In Winter

We are well and truly in the depths of winter, with plenty of unfriendly weather still to go. If you’re like most people, you are probably wondering how to turn your seasonal skin issues around, to get rid of the dulling dryness and flakiness that takes over during the cold months.

Why is winter so bad for skin? Well, every season comes with its own flare-ups, and seasonal changes can play havoc on your skin – no matter the season.  But cold weather, accompanied by low humidity levels, leaves your skin dry. (And it almost doesn’t seem to matter how much moisturiser you apply!)

Chapping, redness, itching, and tender skin are just a few of the major problems your skin suffers in winter. If you are struggling with choosing the right products, faveable is somewhere you can look for solutions.

While most of us are pretty certain we know everything about looking after our skin, the truth is, winter brings out the confusion and laziness in us all!  If you’re guilty of cutting corners, or need a gentle reminder about how to look after your skin in winter, read on.

For glowing, dewy skin all winter long, follow these steps.

winter skin tips

#1 –  Tip-top Cleanliness

Keeping your skin free of dirt and impurities is skincare-101, but it’s just as important to wash your face daily in winter, even if it doesn’t feel oily or greasy.  Buy products that are tailored for your skin type to avoid over-drying. For example, dry skin is best cleansed with a creamy cleanser or cleansing oil, whereas naturally oily skin can use a foaming cleanser. 

#2 – Ritualised exfoliation

Exfoliation is an indispensable part of your skincare schedule. In winter, indulge in the task no more than 3-4 times per week, and use a gentle product (whether that’s a chemical exfoliant, or a granular scrub) that won’t drag or scratch that precious epidermis. 

#3 – Tone!

Strangely, your skin secretes more oil in winter to counteract the dryness. Get in the habit of using a toner after cleansing to further prep the skin for clarity and condition. 

#4 – Moisturise smart, not hard

This goes without saying, but there’s no chance of surviving winter with your skin intact if you fail to moisturise twice per day. While it may seem fitting that you should opt for the heaviest cream you can lay your hands on, in fact, going overboard with a heavy cream can work against you.

Cream that is too heavy for your skin may not absorb properly, and the worst case is that an overly oily moisturiser will cause breakouts. Unfortunately, finding the ideal moisturiser for your skin type is really down to trial and error. 

#5 – Get Your Mask on

Face masks are now de rigueur in the skincare universe, and there are literally a million different ones to choose from. Tackling hydration, wrinkles, pigmentation and plumpness, just choose whichever mask tackles your problem, and lay back and let that baby work its magic…..

#6 – H2O is life

There is no limit to the wonders of water. Drinking plenty of water could possibly be the second most important element to keeping your skin in tip top condition. Drink filtered water or spring water routinely, will keep your body and skin hydrated. 

#7 – Run from the sun

The sun may have gone to Europe, but don’t be fooled! The sun is just as harsh with its UV rays in winter as it is in summer. So don’t skip the sunscreen when you venture out. SPF 50+ is a base line requirement for daily use. 

#8 – Health is your wealth

Fried foods, chocolate, pizza – they’re all fun to eat at the time but they don’t look so great on your face. And, science doesn’t lie: what you put in your body affects how your skin looks and feels. So, stay. away. from. crappy. food! Your eating regime ideally will include natural fibre, fruit, and lots of fresh winter vegetables. Add a multivitamin to your diet if you’re not sure. And for even more skincare solutions, check out Divabikini which is packed with great tools and tips.

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