Why Choosing a Theme Is So Important For Your Wedding!

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Choosing a theme for your wedding might sound corny, but there are benefits which go beyond just making the day look pretty which might surprise you.

We all know that the cost of having a wedding these days will make any couple consider an elopement at least once. While it’s possible to spend a small (or rather, large) fortune to create the day of your dreams, with a little pre-planning, you CAN get your perfect day and still have some funds left over for other things, like food and shelter.

While the opportunities for saving money in your wedding planning are few and far in between, one of the most important elements that can affect how much things cost overall, is the theme.

Forget just pretty colour-schemes and random pictures you’ve pulled from Pinterest, your theme will dictate everything from your style of wedding outfits, to your wedding photography, your transport, the flowers, and so on. 

So how do you choose the perfect theme for your wedding?

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#1 – Secure The Location

Planning a wedding is like a jigsaw puzzle, and the first piece to secure is the venue. When you find the right setting, a lot of the wedding planning just falls into place.

A vineyard location? Think classic vintage cars, relaxed bride and groom attire, informal floral arrangements and lively atmosphere.

Or perhaps it’s the formality of a cathedral and grand function centre that appeals? In which case you’ll be opting for a grand and elaborate gown, expensive gilded invitations and luxury transport.

Your wedding theme is so closely tied to your venue, that if the worst was to happen and your location falls through, the theme of the day will likely change as well. So always try to have a backup plan if you can, or at the very least think about wedding insurance! (Yes, it exists).

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#2 – The Wedding Photography

While the wedding day itself flashes past in an instant, the wedding photography remains! These important photos will fill in the blanks as the memories of the day fade away, so it goes without saying that choosing the best photographer for your wedding day is essential.  

If you’re creatively-inclined, then working with your partner to decide on the style of photos you want to create for your wedding day is an enjoyable task.

Do you want the day to be immortalised in something befitting the pages of Vogue Brides in chic black and white? Or do lively and colourful snaps which capture the energy of the day seem more “you”?

Whichever way you’re inclined, the style of photos you would like to capture create a trickle-down effect throughout the rest of the wedding preparations. Wedding photographers such as Faure Valletta Photography will work with you to come up with a comprehensive vision. These photographs will provide the tone that influences everyone’s impression of the big day. 

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#3 – Trust Your Instincts

Compromise is one of the cornerstones of marriage, so when you are working on the ideal theme for your big day, the temptation can be to settle.

While there is a difference between operating within a budget and giving up your vision altogether, there’s no point settling for something simply because it’s affordable. If it means having a smaller guest list, choosing a different time of year, or leaving off a dessert buffet, you CAN make certain alterations while remaining true to your original vision.

Some would argue your wedding day is about the big picture, and others think it’s the little details, but at the end of the day it’s what you want it to be. Deciding on the right theme for your wedding is an essential step to developing the day of your dreams. Plus it can be a fun and creative process once you have some idea where to begin!

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