Summer Wedding Style – How to Prepare For a Sweltering Big Day

Your dream wedding day has been playing out in your mind for many years, and you’re certain that each moment will culminate in the greatest symbol of love and happiness, the world has ever witnessed.

But what if your wedding day is one of the hottest and most humid days you’ve ever witnessed?! Nearly every bride worries about the possibility of rain on her big day, but rarely do we consider just how hot and humid it could get.

If you’re faced with a sweltering wedding day, these cool tips take the edge off an otherwise hot day.

summer wedding style

#1 – Get the timing right

Unfortunately, saying “I Do” in the middle of the day might not feel as romantic as you had hoped, with the relentless baking heat taking away from the magic.

This is why December-February couples are wise to explore morning ceremonies so that they can have some relief from the hottest part of the day.

If you’re not sure you want to tie the knot so early in the day, an early evening ceremony can set the scene for a beautiful night ahead, with stunning skies to capture through photography.

#2 – Location is everything

There’s a reason why some venues boom in winter, but cool off in summer, and it’s hard to find a venue that offers an optimal level of comfort throughout the seasons.

One solution to inclement or scorching weather is wedding marquee hire. Marquees allow you to remain in the elements without all the risks that Mother Nature may throw at you.

For warmer months, these structures are versatile, and you can always install additional fans or air-conditioning if need be. A scattering of heaters or a few blankets will make things nice and cozy in cool seasons.

#3 – Keep it casual

It’s a fact that guests may not forgive you if you choose a black-tie wedding dress code on a 34-degree day – and you can hardly blame them for that! Summer weddings call for a summer approach, and that means ‘smart casual’.

Allowing your guests to dress in a smart casual style will encourage them to wear clothes help them stay cool, rather than layering up in finer, heavier fabric. It also allows the bride and groom to walk comfortably down the aisle in outfits that best represents who they are (without sweating).

#4 – Lean into the heat

If you can’t beat the heat, you may as well do your best to leverage it. A great way to make the most of the season is to theme your wedding space in summer inspirations, such as a tropical-themed soirée.

You could also add a couple of on-theme, refreshing cocktails to your drinks list to get everyone thanking the heat for allowing for such delicious flavours.

And, if you have a fun MC, get them to help everyone get on board with the weather by encouraging some humour around the temperature on the day. Having a laugh is always better than complaining about something you can’t control.

#5 – Keep the food weather-friendly

It doesn’t matter how great that slow-roasted pork is, sometimes you need to tweak your menu to suit the elements. A sweltering wedding day is the perfect excuse for chilled seafood, fresh salads, or even a picnic-style wedding concept.

You will definitely want to avoid foods that are dairy-based, or likely to lose their form (and visual appeal) after a moment in the hot weather! When it comes to booking your caterer, remember to brief them on what you envisage the weather to be on that day so there are no nasty surprises.

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