4 Classy Outdoor Summer Event Ideas For All Occasions

summer entertainin ideas
Whether it’s an adult birthday party, a corporate event, or a kids party, there’s no better time to be outside celebrating than during the Summer.

Summer events are of course, all about soaking up the sun and having a great time, and they’re never complete without cool drinks, good music, (and for bigger events, a photobooth for hire in Melbourne!)

If you’re hosting a party, the first step is to choose a theme. People love attending parties with a certain idea behind them, but with so many fun concepts out there, it can be difficult to decide on which one to go with.

Look no further than this collection of outdoor events that mix traditional summer themes with fresh new twists.

summer entertainin ideas

#1 – Adults Party: Fancy Picnic

Picnics are a summer staple, and while they may seem a little obvious, there’s a reason why that is. Picnics are always great fun, and if you add a few details you’ve got yourself a high-class outdoor event that’s perfect for an occasion such as a grown-up birthday or engagement.

Instead of slapping together some ham and cheese sandwiches, get fancy. Bring along a selection of premium drinks (ie champagne), and include a few decadent nibbles such as strawberries and cream.

Set up your guests with a crafty picnic blanket (or wooden seating for larger groups), umbrellas for shade, or even some tasteful lights to set the mood if you choose to hold your picnic in the evening. With ‘picnic cocktail attire’ on the invitation, your guests will have a stylish and fun occasion to remember.

#2 – Children’s Event: Lemonade Party

Lemonade has been a summer classic since well, forever, and it brings to mind images of cardboard lemonade stands and youthful fun. This theme is ideal for kids, and you can get creative with your homemade lemonade recipe: try a refreshing strawberry lemonade, or even lavender. For the adults, try spiked lemonades. Thank us later.

Once you’ve mastered a few drinks, all that’s left is to set the scene – think bright colours, cupcakes, and of course lemon-themed decorations. Many “lemonade parties” use yellow and pink decorations, but if you want to avoid anything overly cliche, go for simple yellow and white, and invest in some fancy glasses for the adults to keep things classy.

#3 – Corporate Initiative: Clean-Up Event

A clean-up event is a great way to encourage team bonding amongst colleagues, while cleaning up the environment (and hopefully having some fun). This concept is ideal for larger groups or workplaces as it unites everyone through a common goal that all will benefit from.

For this theme, the venue is the most important element. Whether you choose a local park, beach, or nature reserve, make sure you reach out to the relevant authorities before sending out those calendar invites!

As an organiser, remember to plan effectively and bring along supplies. To reward yourselves for all the hard work, why not throw a casual party after the clean up is finished? (Just be sure to use non-plastic reusable party supplies, obviously.) And if you really want to motivate your guests, arrange prizes for ‘most garbage collected’ – it works!

#4 – Fundraising Goal: Party With a Purpose

Parties for charity have been around for a while in the upper echelons of society, but recently they’ve become widely popular. For example, Cancer Council Australia hosts the Biggest Morning Tea, but there are plenty of other charities that run similar events. Why not sign up to host one of these parties yourself, or adapt the idea to any charity or cause you wish to support (just be sure to let them know!)

This is a great way for your guests to make a difference while they enjoy some fun in the sun. To make it a success, ask your guests to contribute to the cause when they RSVP, or run fundraising activities at the event like auctions, bake sales, or raffles.

For theme, take your inspiration from your cause. Tea parties and cocktail parties are popular for charity events, but you can also theme it around a colour for causes like breast cancer or AIDS awareness. Additionally, being outside allows you more options for a green-themed event for causes like Greenpeace or other environmental charities.

No matter what type of party you are hosting, now is the time to get planning. Contact suppliers, start experimenting with fresh new recipes,  and find the perfect props and settings. Your guests will love to soak up the sun at a classic summer event with a twist.

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