Struggling With SEO? Signs It’s Time To Update Your Website

how to improve your site's SEO

If you’re struggling with search engine optimization (SEO) and wondering why your website never seems to rank higher, it’s time to dig deep. Here are some signs it is time to update your website to improve your SEO – and how to do it.

Having a website is great, but just having a website without adapting it to ever-changing search engine algorithms is insufficient.

SEO starts with having a well-optimised website. Not only should you provide users with a good user experience, you also need to make sure you’re keeping up to date with technological developments that will affect your ranking.

Here are the key points that might be affecting your ranking

how to improve your site's SEO

#1 – Your website is not mobile compatible

Today, almost everyone uses their mobile device to browse the internet and search for products, services and information. According to research, nearly half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices, which explains why your website must be mobile compatible.

So, design your website to be mobile-friendly. If a user cannot easily browse your website on their phone, there is a zero chance of them sticking around.

#2 – Your site is not optimised for search engines

Perhaps you have a well-designed website with great visuals and a user experience you are proud of. However, it doesn’t appear on relevant search engine results and doesn’t get any traffic. The underlying problem is that it is not optimised for a search engine, or you have bad SEO.

SEO can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when you have other roles to play in running your business. In situations like this, SEO services Perth (and similar services in your area) will be helpful. SEO experts in Adelaide can help you optimise your website so it ranks higher for relevant keywords, is visible online, and gets more clicks.

#3 – You are not getting traffic and leads

Have you noticed a drop in your site traffic and leads? If that’s the case, your website might have a problem. SEO experts can give your website a refresh to help bring back your audience and attract new visitors.

For instance, updating your user interface to include new functional features and animations that users can interact with can boost engagement on your website. Generally, having a well-designed site with visuals and optimised images will keep users coming back.

#4 – Poor user experience

Are customers complaining about the poor user experience on your site? Remember that poor user experience is one of the reasons your website may not be ranking high on the search engine.

Your website may look great in design and graphics, but it is a waste if the users cannot navigate easily and achieve what they want to whilst they are there.

Make sure your website has different options for people to navigate throughout the pages. This is beneficial to the user because it enables them to quickly accomplish tasks on your website: finding information or purchasing a product.

#5 – It isn’t easy to update your site

Your business is a long-term investment that should be easy to manage and update. Since digital marketing strategies change over time, your website should be easy to improve, add new features, post new content, and do other activities that rank it higher on search engines.

If you find it hard to manage and update your website, it might be time for a complete re-design. Luckily there are many improvements in website technology, including low code and no code options that help you change almost everything on your website even if you are not technologically savvy.

#6 – Missing and broken links on your website

Clicking on a link that directs you to a dead end is a frustrating problem for users, and it gives the impression of sloppiness – while wasting users’ time.

Other than missing and broken links, having missing images on your website is also another problem that hurts your SEO significantly. Google down-rates sites with these common issues, so you should prioritise fixing these issues when you see them.

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