Moving: 8 Tips To Relocating House With Ease

moving house tips
We all know that moving is a hassle. Packing and unpacking takes time, while feeling at home at a new place takes forever. But for all the inconvenience, moving house gives us the opportunity to start fresh.

If you’re always at a loose end when you move, or perhaps you find the whole process too overwhelming, help is at hand. To avoid a meltdown when moving, there’s a few shortcuts and tips to know before you get started.

Mark off these 8 things next time you move.

#1 – Make a list, check it twice

When there are a thousand things to do, it’s easy to fall off track and get confused and forgetful. Before you start the process, pause, and jot down all the things you need to do. For best results, make the list of tasks in the order you need to do them in, and follow accordingly.

#2 – Check first, then move

Immediately before you move to Sydney or elsewhere, will be the only window of opportunity you have to see your new home bare. Inspect all the rooms thoroughly, including the wardrobes and cabinets, from the basement and attic. Check for infestations and leaks, and take note whether any of the floors, walls, doors, or windows in the residence need repairing.

It’s also a good idea to check the plumbing, including all taps and showers. The fire/smoke alarms should also be tested, given that they may not have been checked in a while.

#3 – Call an exterminator

Even if there are no visible signs of insects or pests, prevention is always better than cure. It’s wise to call an exterminator to give the house a treatment for insects and pests to prevent future infestations (especially if you’re relocating to Sydney which is notorious for insects). f you happen to have a rodent infestation, then this requires the extra step of blocking any holes in the walls where these not-so-friendly furry creatures could be accessing the internals of your home.

#4 – Do a deep clean

Rarely do we move to a brand new house. Chances are, your new home has been pre-loved, and with that comes a range of dirty and grimy areas that should be cleaned properly before you move in. Whether it’s a streaky bathroom or a dusty corner, it’s easier to deep clean the rooms while they are empty. Often, hiring move in cleaning professionals is a good idea to assist with this.

#5 – Watch the floors!

Moving furniture and boxes tends to wreak havoc on all kinds of flooring. Whether hardwood, tiles or carpet, these are easily damaged and can be difficult to bring back to their former glory. Be organised with drop sheets and matting to lay on the floors before you let the removalists trample through.

If, on the other hand, you’ve bought the property and want to upgrade the flooring, then it can be wiser to replace the carpeting before you move in, rather than try to do this once all of your stuff is in place! This is also a good opportunity to discard the carpeting altogether, and polish hardwood floors underneath.

#6 – Change the locks + upgrade security

If you’re a new owner, then the responsible thing to do is to change the locks. You can also install alarms and security cameras to the entry points. Or, budget permitting, you can invest in a system that covers the entire house. Either way, keep security top of mind any time you move into a new home, whether you’ve bought or leased.

#7 – Fantastic furnishings

Moving house presents a good time to make improvements to your furniture. Of course, we might want new furniture to go in that new place, but this isn’t always possible. Instead, just taking the time to clean and polish your existing pieces can be an effective way to breathe new life into tired looking items.

You can also change the upholstery of chairs and sofas with a little bit of know-how. This is a satisfying and cost-effective way to give your home a brand new look. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a trip to the hardware store whereby you can stock up on items like scissors and nail guns! If you’re not sure what to buy, be sure to browse the store for tools and find the best ones for the job.

#8 – Know thy neighbourhood

Last but not least, after all the heavy lifting is done, getting to know your new location is a must – especially if it’s an interstate relocation or you’re moving to Australia from overseas. Treat yourself with an exploration of the area, and be sure to adequately sample the local offering of cafes and restaurants. Greet your neighbours and get social with the people around you. Making friends will certainly fast-track how you settle into the new location.

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