5 Handy Apps That’ll Make Your Life So. Much. Easier.

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There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there – many are specifically designed to help us organise our daily lives and make sure we have time for the most important things. But which ones are worth downloading?

Work, school, home, family, friends, meetings – whatever is happening in your life, it’s probably enough to keep you busy for years in advance! We all struggle to stay on top of our daily tasks, which can lead to all kinds of inconveniences and delays in our schedules.

Thankfully, our smartphones can do a lot more than just open our social media profiles, take pictures and connect us to our loved ones. So if you’re not making the use of your phone to host a suite of life-changing apps, you should be!

Not sure where to start? We’ve done the homework to come up with some essential apps that’ll make your life easier.

Here are 5 of the most useful apps for daily living!

#1 – Shopstyle Australia

Shopstyle is your shortcut to the world of fashion, and it’s considered to be the most seamless shopping experience available at the moment. You can browse and buy almost any type of clothing and accessories – the app provides a great range of stylish products for women, men, kids and home.

Shopstyle also provides many exclusive offers – you can get up to 10% cash back rewards on over 4,500 brands. The app is also available in the US, UK and Canada.

Price: Free | Platform: iOS, Android

#2 – GoFantastic

With our lives being consumed with work, appointments, and domestic responsibilities, it can be difficult to find time for our interests and hobbies, let alone relaxation and recharging. Enter, GoFantastic.

Created by Fantastic Services, a licensed home cleaning and maintenance company, this is an on-demand mobile booking app for a range of home services. Operating in Australia and the UK, GoFantastic makes it easy to book over 25 services such as cleaning, gardening, handyman and pest control. Currently covering the major cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, new locations are added each year.

The GoFantastic app is extremely easy to use, and it shows you real-time prices and availability for the date and time you need. You can make bookings, customise your requirements, reschedule, pay securely and cancel appointments without any fuss.

GoFantastic also has the option to track all your bookings, take advantage of exclusive deals, and contact support immediately, if you need assistance.

Price: Free | Platform: iOS, Android

#3 – Tripview

Tripview is an app specifically designed for the residents of Melbourne and Sydney, who have to deal with the perils of public transport in these huge cities.

Instead of spending hours at crowded bus stops, waiting for a bus that may never show up, simply install the app to find out where your transport is and when it will arrive. Cancelled trains, late busses… the app provides real-time information on all these things and more.

Price: $5.99 | Platform: iOS, Android

#4 – Pocketbook

Staying on top of your finances seems to be one of the biggest issues for every young person, but thanks to Pocketbook, this task is a lot easier. Pocketbook helps you keep track of your income and expenses across all of your different bank accounts, and it places them in different categories, based on various factors.

Pocketbook also gives you helpful saving tips, by providing information on how much you can spend each month. And because it keeps track of all your bills, and when they’re due, you’ll avoid late fees as well! A must-download if you’re serious about managing your budget.

Price: Free | Platform: iOS, Android

#5 – Clipp

We all love to go out, have fun with friends and rack up a bar tab. Unfortunately, using credit cards in bars isn’t always wise, given the high amount of fraud that takes place, and how difficult it can be to control spending.

This is why a couple of tech savvy Australians created Clipp – the app which helps you easily and safely, pay your bills in over 650 bars and restaurants across the country.

Simply show your phone to the bar staff, and your tab will be opened. Once you’re done, you just close the tab from your phone, and automatically pay the bill via PayPal. And with a feature that allows you to easily split bills, you’ll never be stuck picking up the tab again!

Price: Free | Platform: iOS, Android

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