15 Of The Best Hen’s Party Ideas For 2020

best bachelorette party ideas 2019

For brides who want to go all out before their wedding, a bachelorette party is the perfect way to do it. But gone are the days where a group of women gathered to just sit back and watch a male strip show!

Whether you’re looking for an event that’s naughty-but-nice, quirky and creative, or something more traditional, this guide will give you plenty of fun and fresh ideas. But if you’re still not sure how to wrap it all together, there are services offering hens night packages that are bound to be lots of fun too.

Keep reading for 15 of the best hens party ideas for 2020.

best bachelorette party ideas 2019 b

#1 – Photo Shoot

In the Instagram age, what could be better than hosting a photo shoot for your nearest and dearest? Whether you hire out a studio for the day and stage creative portraits, or have a photographer buzz around your besties before heading for a night out, a photoshoot bachelorette party is guaranteed to please.

#2 – Pole Dancing Class

If you’d like to combine exercise with an extremely fun and sexy activity, then a pole dancing class is the way to go. This popular hobby is the perfect way to celebrate your impending nuptials – just prepare to have a few sore muscles the following day!

#3 – Cocktail Class

Another useful and fun class activity for the girls is definitely a cocktail class! Hosted by many leading bars around the country, cocktail classes are the perfect opportunity to try your hand at a tasty new skill without needing to clean up after. And who knows, with a bit of luck and lots of inspiration, you may just create a delicious signature cocktail to enjoy at the wedding.

#4 – Make Your Own Fragrance

Yes, fragrance parties are a thing. Because what could be better than concocting your own signature fragrance while enjoying a glass of bubbly, or three.

#5 – Karaoke

A tried and tested bachelorette party idea is of course, karaoke. Let’s face it,  singing is always fun, and even more so when paired with your best friends and some alcohol.

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#6 – Wine Tasting

For those that like the finer things in life, then throwing a wine tasting hen’s party may be just the ticket. A wine tasting is the perfect cover for indulging in plenty of wine, while improving your viticultural proficiency.

#7 – Gin Tasting

If the bride is more of a gin connoisseur, then replace the idea of a wine tasting with a gin tasting, and you’re good to go. Again, this is a great opportunity to learn about this classic drink while having fun with all of your friends.

#8 – Burlesque Lessons

If you want to combine sexiness with a hint of silliness and loads of fun, consider burlesque. Despite what you may think, you won’t need an advanced level of fitness for a beginners lesson. Just show up, pay attention, and be ready to get your body moving.

#9 – Escape Rooms

For the more scientifically or practically-minded, escape rooms are a fun way to get together while using your brain at the same time. Escape rooms are all about solving puzzles in a team, which may be the perfect bonding activity to do for the first half of a hen’s party.

#10 – Paint Ball

If you like a more adrenaline-raising activity, paint balling is amazing. Get your gear on, including the face masks and camouflage suits, and get amongst it. Tip: don’t try this within 2 weeks of the wedding day!

#11 – Spa Day

Brides can get pretty stressed planning their perfect day. Considering that, spa days are a perennial popular choice for hens parties. From ultra-luxe hotel spa packages to hamman style treatments, there is a spa day for all tastes and budgets.

#12 – Go Cart

Another popular adrenaline-option, go karting can be an amazing activity for brides who like action-packed parties. You can either take on another group head-to-head in a race, or go against each other. Whichever way you play it, it’ll get the blood flowing.

#13 – Trampolining

Sure, you’ll have to leave your high heels at home, but you won’t regret it. Trampolining is an excellent way to boost your fitness while bonding with your friends. Make a day of it by refuelling over brunch or lunch afterward.

#14 – Painting Classes

Channel your inner Frida Khalo by organising a painting party. These days, there are plenty of painting events in all major cities, but you could also organise a paint-off at home, and combine it with a sit down dinner party afterward.

#15 – Make an occasion of it

For brides who love the limelight, make a full day of it! It’s not often you can gather all of your best friends and family in one place, so use the occasion to build a series of activities together that fill a whole day, or even a whole weekend. Enjoy!

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