Bachelorette Parties: 8 Unique Ideas That Are Anything But Boring


Whether you’re the lucky bride-to-be of a bachelorette party or you’re organising one for a friend, there is no greater pressure than throwing one last hoorah for a single woman.

Gone are the days of the bachelorette party needing to include tequila shots, a bar crawl and *those* novelty items (the bells, the whistles, the straws…you know what I’m talking about).

Forget about ending a bachelorette weekend just like a typical bucks party, with nothing but a hangover and regrets. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of unique and unconventional hens party ideas you and your gal pals with love.

Click through and start telling your friends about these 8 bachelorette party ideas instead!


Bachelorette Party Idea #1 – Glamping

Often referred to as ‘camping for adults’, ‘glamping’ is the newest craze of the weekend getaway. The luxurious camping experience is the perfect idea for a bachelorette weekend as you get all the fun of camping without the less-than ideal parts (unknown creepy crawlies, hard mattresses, tinned food…the list goes on).

You’ll find no shortage of ‘glamping’ spots around the country so grab the girls and enjoy the outdoors in luxury!

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