10 Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Sydney


At first, everyone falls for the beauty of Sydney – the sprawling beaches along the coastline, the fun social vibes that saturate the city year-round, the harbour that is a just a few minutes away from the city and the fashionable, yet casual lifestyle that comes with all of this. Sydney is the perfect destination – it almost seems like a holiday, which is why that initial love of the city will only grow and you may never want to leave.

So before you take the plunge and move to what is (in my biased opinion) one of the BEST cities in the world, here are a few things you should know before you move to Sydney.

And be aware – you are about to read about the good, the bad and the ugly.

things to know about sydney

Credit: Sporteluxe

#1 – The Fashion

It is ALL about your fashion in Sydney. That’s not to say that you have to dress like everyone else, but even if you don’t plan on it you will end up buying a wardrobe according to your suburb.

If you move to Sydney hotspot Bondi you will buy more active wear than you ever intend on exercising in (thanks Pip Edwards! Pictured above) but in the Northern Beaches make sure you invest in a piece by Camilla.

EVERY suburb has it’s own dress code that you will inevitably cave into (but don’t worry- we only have more admiration for those who manage to refrain and rock it on their own).

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