How To Move House Without A Meltdown

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If you’ve ever bought a white designer couch, a posturepedic bed, or an antique wardrobe, you know the pain of watching inexperienced removalists move it without care until something breaks.

Chipped wood, rips in fabric, broken glass – all of it can easily turn your statement designer piece into a repair nightmare. I’ve experienced these kinds of disasters first hand, so I vowed that next time, steps would be taken to ensure that these costly and upsetting mishaps do not happen again!

Even if you’re not transporting the furniture personally, there are right ways and wrong ways to move that treasured tallboy or expensive new mattress.

It’s important to know these moving tips so you can direct your local removalists, because after all, it’s painful to watch hard-earned luxury go down the drain!

We spoke to Holloway Removals for expert tips on moving designer furniture pieces correctly.

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Q’n: What’s the best way to move furniture with doors?

For awkward-to-handle items, such as large wardrobes and filing cabinets, two men can make the job much easier. Tip the item on its side at an angle and have one person hold the bottom while the other takes the top. This centres the weight and prevents draws and doors from flipping out while carrying.

Q’n: How do you protect against cracking and damage?

If you have fragile items, moving blankets can be an absolute lifesaver!  Bulk rent them from removal and transport companies and wrap them around the hard edges of your furniture. Secure the blankets with industrial shrink wrap that you can buy from most hardware stores. If your piece is heavy, moving blankets are great as well for softly dragging furniture across the floor.  

Q’n: How do you know a balcony lift is being performed correctly?

Balcony lifts should only be performed by a professional and especially if you are moving items you care about.

To check whether a professional balcony lift is underway, the removalist should have wrapped the item in a moving blanket and very tightly roped up the furniture piece using interlinked straps (vertically and cross-sectionally to form a grid pattern). This prevents the furniture from slipping out. Usually, two men will be required at the top of the balcony and one man at the bottom to create a pulley system.

However, for heavier or awkwardly shaped furniture items, it may be necessary to request a lift system. For anything like a piano, insist upon a hoist-lift system, and if they don’t use them, request they hire out to get one – most removalists will do this.

Check out how we use tried and true methods to correctly and safely move furniture in this white glove delivery video.

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Q’n: What other essentials can you use for easy moving?

Ropes & Straps

Straps and ropes are essentials! They put less strain on your back, help move items with no easy handholds, and you don’t have to bend down either.

If you are worried about a slippery smooth furniture piece or even a bulky mattresses, you can request straps and ropes be used to move the item more easily.

Ramp It Up

Planks are another great way to transport large furniture pieces. Use 19mm plywood plank to move furniture down a few steps. Strap the furniture to a static immovable object to control the descent.

Similarly, dollies – planks of wood with wheels attached to them – easily move heavy items without back strain. These are easy to rent as well if you are looking to transport one or two things yourself.

Q’n: Any last tips?

Plan, plan, and plan some more! Before the move, map out where you want your furniture to be placed, this way when the removalist asks you, ‘Where do you want this thing to go?’ you have an answer for everything. Later on, there’s no hassle trying to awkwardly shuffle pieces around by yourself.

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Also check out Holloway’s ‘Ultimate Moving Checklist’ for more expert tips around moving day.




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