Making An Extraordinary Ice Cream Dessert With Mövenpick!


If you were reading Breakfast With Audrey last week, you would have heard that Mövenpick have just opened their largest ice cream and dessert boutique in Australasia – and we were lucky enough to attend the opening! (To catch upon the story click here.)

To celebrate the launch of the boutique, Mövenpick and dessert guru Katherine Sabbath have teamed up to create an exclusive bespoke dessert to mark the occasion. This sweet creation – which was revealed (and sampled by us!) for the first time at the boutique opening consists of a chocolate tartlet filled with whipped cream and ice cream, decorated chocolate shards, and drizzles of raspberry coulis.

Following the official boutique launch, myself and a handful of other ice-cream obsessed bloggers were invited back to Mövenpick to re-create this delicious ice-cream dessert for ourselves – with expert guidance provided by Katherine herself. It was a super-fun experience, and such a treat.

Scroll down for a walk-through of my dessert-making session with Katherine Sabbath at Mövenpick Sydney!

Movenpick Sydney 1

The table was adorned with sugary goodness… ready and waiting for the chaos to come.

Movenpick 2

Tools at the ready, plus plenty to snack on!

Katherine Sabbath teaching at Movenpick

Thankfully we had an expert in our midst. Katherine Sabbath took us through a step-by-step demonstration of how we were to make the dessert. (Her cute apron is from Marimekko)

Pouring chocolate

Katherine is helping pouring the chocolate into the trays for us so we can begin.

Marbling movenpick

After smoothing the melted chocolate into our tray, dollops of melted raspberry chocolate went on top.

Making dessert

Having applied the decorations (crumbled raspberries and gold dust) it was time to get my marble on!

Table of Sweets At Movenpick

Progress! Marbling and decoration nearly complete.

Close Up of Chocolate Shard

More is always better. Couldn’t resist adding some matching chocolate eggs and pink jelly beans 🙂

Movenpick 3

From where I sat: A fellow guest is getting ready to start smashing her cooled chocolate. These broken pieces become the “chocolate shards” which will decorate the dessert.

movenpick final dessert

Ta-da! After adding ice-cream of our choice (and cream if you were inclined) plus a drizzle of coulis, we have the final product: a sugar rush on a plate! So bright! So yummy…

movenpick from instagram

And why not just add a few extra slabs of chocolate? I couldn’t think of a reason not to.


Whilst my waist-line wasn’t thrilled, we all had a brilliant morning making sweet, colourful chaos with Mövenpick and Katherine Sabbath. (Thank you to the Mövenpick team!)

To experience Australasia’s largest Movenpick boutique for yourself, run don’t walk to 580 George Street Sydney.  In addition to the mouth-watering array of scooped icecream, you’ll definitely be tempted by the large dessert menu on offer.

Katherine Sabbath’s original bespoke dessert is available in-store.


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    thanks for telling how we make ice cream dessert.
    its seem to be very yummy sweets.

  • Reply Dhaksha Rachana Thursday 7th April, 2016 at 4:36 pm

    Food preparation and The table was adorned with sugary goodness.

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