How To Plan A Holiday Campaign As An Online Business

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When it comes to holiday campaigns for an online business, it’s a great opportunity to showcase your brand, hopefully make a little money and have fun in the process. Here’s everything you need to know.

Creating a holiday campaign – key things to consider

It’s never too early to start planning your holiday campaign. Allowing at least 2 – 3 months will give you enough time to decide on  your holiday campaign theme and holiday campaign goals, as well as conduct thorough market research to define your target audience, and also, work out things like your holiday item product-market fit.

A large part on your planning should focus on how you will entice new and existing customers to your store. For this, you may want to create an offer or promotion to encourage shoppers to make a purchase from your business over a competitor.

Last but not least, you’ll need to develop holiday-themed products to feature in your online store’s holiday campaign.

As with all major marketing initiatives you undertake, it’s highly advisable to conduct market research. This will help you identify the most popular and attractive holiday items to sell. You’re looking for products that are appealing to potential customers, whilst also fitting their needs for the holidays. These items should also keep in line with your chosen holiday campaign theme. 

how to create a holiday campaign

Choosing a holiday campaign theme

Naturally, for a successful holiday campaign, the holiday themes for an online store centers around the traditional themes of the holiday itself. An Easter campaign will likely include rabbits, chicken and egg theme, pastel colours and so on, throughout the online store’s holiday campaign pages.

A traditional Christmas theme will of course feature red and green, and seasonal festive symbols such as holly, bells, Father Christmas (or Santa Claus), and of course, Christmas trees. If you need to prepare and offer services for Christmas, you’ll likely need a wholesale Christmas decorations in Australia to provide you with your products.

Deciding on your holiday campaign goals

Campaign goals during the holidays can differ slightly from the usual KPI  goals for the rest of the year. This is because the holidays can see an influx of online traffic as a result of stores offering promotional sales or discounts.

Further, holiday periods often mean a higher volume of shoppers purchasing gifts for friends and loved ones – so a holiday campaign is a perfect opportunity for an online business to capitalise on the gift-giving season.

Holiday campaign goals will, of course, like other times of the year, be defined by various KPIs. These KPIs can include measuring the total volume or number of sales over the holiday campaign period, total dollar revenue generated by the holiday campaign, as well as other metrics such as ROI (return on investment) from campaign advertising, and also the ROAS (return on ad spend) that is achieved. 

Defining a target audience for your holiday campaign

Needless to say, different holiday campaigns have different target audiences. Are you hoping to look at targeting parents who want to keep kids entertained and occupied during the Christmas holidays, for example? If so, the products featured in your holiday campaign may need to have educational value to attract parents’ attention. Or, are you targeting kids or teenagers themselves? If so, your holiday campaign may need to focus on the ‘cool’ factor of the items available for sale.

Creating a promotional offer for your holiday campaign

Standing out from your competition – other online stores – is no mean feat during the holiday period! Indeed, countless online businesses just like your own are vying for customers’ attention – and how better to attract this than with a promotional offer exclusive to the holiday period?

To ensure you are standing out, you should offer customers a discount code that provides a dollar amount off specific holiday-themed products. Alternatively you can share a percentage off discount applicable through the holiday campaign period. When offering a percentage off, then a discount amount of at least 20 – 25% off will help you remain competitive.

Acquire featured items to sell in your holiday campaign

Now that you’ve decided on your holiday campaign theme and goals, identified your target audience, and planned your promotional offer, it’s time to get the items to feature in your holiday campaign sale. 

At Christmas time, many customers will be looking to purchase items for themselves or loved ones that they may nor ordinarily be on the lookout for.

If you’re a fashion, beauty or lifestyle brand then you may want to create gift packs of best sellers, special holiday themed product ranges or other products that won’t be available at another time of the year. This helps create a sense of exclusivity and specialness to your offering which holidays hoppers tend to love. 

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