Christmas Cards – Why Your Business Will Thank You For It

christmas thank you cards
We may only be in July, but it’s never too early to start thinking about thoughtful ways to thank your employees and customers come Christmas time. While sending an elaborate hamper or sold-out tickets to a show were the thing to do years ago, these days a thank you card is likely to be received even more warmly.

It’s true that if you’re running your own business, taking time out to write Christmas thank you cards may not be your biggest priority. However, doing so will help to make your employees, partners, and clients feel like a part of your team while reminding them that your business appreciates them.

A simple thank you can have a massive impact, and the value of Christmas thank you cards for a business goes beyond marketing. With thoughtful messaging, writing a ‘thank you’ boosts the morale of your employees, promotes brand loyalty, and strengthens your relationship with partners. Printable Christmas thank you cards act as a reminder that you enjoyed doing business in the past year and that you hope to maintain your relationships in the future.

If you’re not sure what exactly to write in your professional thank you card, read on!

christmas thank you cards

#1 – Start with a Greeting

Your Christmas thank you card should always start with warm greetings. The greeting should be consistent with your brand image. If, for example, you have a young irreverent business, you may start with informal greetings. If your image is more serious, stick with traditional greetings like ‘dear’ and ‘hello.’

#2 – Add a Personal Touch

If possible, give your thank you card a personal feel. In your card, make a few references to your relationship with the employee or client. Consider mentioning their family, professional successes, or interests. Doing so acts as proof that you care about them and invested effort into the card. Personal cards improve your relationship with your clients and employees.

#3 – Focus on the Message

Your message of gratitude should be clear and of immediate value. It should be specific and genuine. Resist the urge to gush or use too much humour. Furthermore, going overboard could make you seem insincere.

#4 – Consider the Timeline

When sending Christmas thank you cards, timing is everything. Avoid sending it too early or too late as your recipient may miss the point. If you wait too long, it may seem like you treated them as an afterthought.

#5 – Don’t Be Promotional

Thank you Christmas cards should never be a chance for you to promote your products or brand, so don’t use them for anything other than sending a message of gratitude. Having your logo, business name and corporate branding on the card is enough promotion. Resist the urge to go overboard!  If you put too much effort into promotion, it may seem like you are using the card as an excuse to promote your brand.

#6 – Add Gifts

Where possible, consider attaching a small gift to your Christmas thank you cards. Popular gifts to add include books, gift vouchers, and alcohol. Even though your gifts don’t need to be expensive, you should ensure that they are valuable to the recipient.

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