Understanding Underwear: 4 Tips To Choosing The Right Undergarments

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Our underwear does a tough job, and not all underwear is created equal. So, what goes into making good underwear choices, and how can you ensure that your undergarments are working for you?

When was the last time you really researched anything about underwear? For many of us, the answer to that question is a firm “never” or perhaps a “why would I do that?”.

Our underwear is, after all, out of sight and therefore largely out of mind most of the time. It’s easy to keep wearing the same old items that don’t really serve their purpose any longer.

However, there are many reasons to care about the choices you’re making with your undergarments. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn more.

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Period Planning

The need to keep pushing through daily life as your period decides to make an unwelcome appearance can be an uncomfortable and annoying experience.

Clothes just weren’t designed to handle it particularly well, and having to check yourself repeatedly to make sure there hasn’t been any leakage or stains is about as pleasant as it sounds.

However, whilst all may seem bleak, it needn’t be, as there is an abundance of period underwear options to choose from. Brands like Undercovers have come a long way in providing people with better options in terms of period underwear, allowing you to go about your day knowing that you’re, well, covered!

Fabric Fixations

Whilst you may at first glance think that underwear is just underwear no matter what it’s made out of, has that ever really been true? Certain materials might feel okay to touch, but when you’re wearing them over the course of a full day, things can get a little more complicated.

Your underwear needs to be able to breathe, and if you’re buying unnatural fabrics that don’t allow for that, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Materials like bamboo, for example, are amazing for underwear. They’re breathable, soft, comfortable and durable while also offering some lovely additional benefits in terms of being naturally antibacterial. So, if want to stay comfortable down there, then a change in underwear material may be a good first step.

Change Check

Nothing lasts forever, and that goes double for the things we wear. We put our clothing through a lot and your underwear is no different.

Although you mightn’t go shopping for underwear all that often, you should be checking your drawer for pairs that have too much wear and tear, and replacing them.

Besides looking and feeling average, broken underwear is just uncomfortable a lot of the time. Elastics stretch out, holes form, and you can find yourself adjusting bands far too much for it to be worth the small amount of money you’d have to spend for replacements.

Comfort Curation

This one may not be as universal as the points above, but many of us are guilty of only buying underwear based on aesthetics. Sure, no one wants to be caught in a spur-of-the-moment situation with embarrassing or unflattering underwear on, but you need to find a balance. 

The amount of comfort you may have to forego to wear lingerie 24/7 is unworkable for most people, and it likely means you’re not getting the support you deserve and need either. 

Underwear is with us 24/7, but it isn’t something we think about all that much. However, by buying underwear that better matches our needs, we’ll be happier and more comfortable as a result. 

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