When To Get New Underwear: 7 Signs It’s Time To Update

When To Get New Underwear: 6 Signs It's Time To Update
WHEN TO GET NEW UNDERWEAR: Have you considered that it may be time to throw out some of that old underwear that has been sitting around for years? There are many reasons why holding onto old underwear can be a bad idea!

When you think about upgrading your wardrobe, chances are your brain goes straight into thinking about getting rid of old dresses, shirts, pants and skirts.  Many products have an expiration date – but is underwear one of them? A good bra and pair underpants can last years, but only if you take really good care of them. If you’re not sure if it’s time to toss out your old undergarments, keep reading.

When To Get New Underwear: 7 Tell-Tale Signs

When To Get New Underwear: 6 Signs It's Time To Update

#1 – You Haven’t Been Measured In Years

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women are currently wearing the wrong bra size? Yes, that’s 80% of women who are constantly uncomfortable, and potentially causing damage – AND who may not even know what it feels like to wear a properly fitted bra!

Ill-fitting bras are associated with neck, back and shoulder pain, poor posture and even the development of skin abrasions. If your bra is causing you discomfort or you simply haven’t been measured in years, it just may be time to head to your local lingerie store for an expert bra fitting. 

Are you wearing the right bra size? Here are some signs that you’re wearing the wrong bra size:

  • Your bust spills over
  • There are gaps between your bra cup and breasts
  • Your bra rides up the back
  • Your straps keep falling down
  • You are experiencing pain or discomfort in your rib area
  • Your bra leaves marks on your shoulders and skin
  • Your clasp is on the tightest hook.

#2 – There Are Holes Or Tears In Your Underwear

This one seems pretty obvious but you’ll be surprised at how many people ignore when to get new underwear and continue wearing items that has holes or tears in them. If your pieces are quite literally falling apart, that’s a real problem (this applies to men too!).

Wearing old and worn out underwear isn’t only bad fashion sense, but can also be detrimental to your mental health. According to behavioural psychologists, wearing nice quality underwear or lingerie sets can boost our confidence and self-esteem.

Let’s face it, what kind of message are you sending yourself when you wear torn and tattered lingerie or underwear on a daily basis? The wrong one.

When To Get New Underwear: 6 Signs It's Time To Update

#3 – You’re Wearing The Same Thing Over and Over Again

You may have a favourite set of underwear that you love wearing on a regular basis, but if you find yourself wearing the same thing over and over again, it just may be time to invest in a few new quality pieces.

Underwear styles are made specifically to adapt to a wide range of activities in your everyday life. For example, workout underwear is designed to handle moisture and dry quickly, while lacey lingerie is designed to make you feel confident and sexy in the bedroom. 

Furthermore, bras are designed to keep our bodies feeling uplifted and supported. Unfortunately, the elastic materials that your bras are made of stretch over time through wear and washes. Elastic can lose its resilience and cups can lose their shape. When this happens, your bra ceases to support you in the way it should. 

#4 – You Are Experiencing Skin Irritation

What your underwear is made of is just as important as how worn out it is. If you’re experiencing skin irritation or rashes as a result of wearing your underwear, you need to head to your lingerie store ASAP.

Synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester and spandex often create non-breathable underwear which can lead to skin irritation, rashes and bacteria growth in the fibres next to your skin. Dyes and chemicals can also play a huge part in causing skin irritation in sensitive areas of the body. 

The best fabric for underwear is soft and breathable material such as 100% cotton that provides softness, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties. For daily use, go with underwear that is soft, comfortable and absorbs moisture. You can search and read the benefits of organic cotton underwear for more information.

#5 – Your Undies Are Too Small

Earlier we talked about ill-fitted bras, but now we’re going to talk about panties, briefs, boyshorts or whatever other type of underwear you use that you may have recently outgrown.

If you’re wondering when to get new underwear, then consider this: there’s no point squeezing yourself into a pair of underpants that are 2 or 3 sizes too small. Aside from feeling uncomfortable, tight-fitting undergarments isn’t great for your body. If your underwear is too tight or too small, the chances of irritations and infections increase.

In summary, if your undies are too small, now is the time to throw them out and replace them with new pairs that fit you comfortably. 

#6 – You Don’t Have Any Matching Sets

Last but not least, do you own any matching sets of lingerie? If the answer is no, it’s time to up your game! While not all underwear needs to match, it’s nice to have at least a few matching sets that help you to feel confident and sexy. Think about getting some sets that make you feel stunning every single time that you slip them on.

#7 – Your underwear doesn’t vibe with your personal style

Having the right underwear is also an important component of living your personal style. If you’re a maximalist when it comes to your clothing choices, why be a minimalist in the underwear department? Or if your colour is say, navy, why don’t you make all of your underwear the same colour?

Your underwear is yet another way to express your personal style every single day (even if it’s to yourself). So, if you’re wondering when to get new underwear, your personal style is reason enough to decide YES.

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