How To Wash Your Hair Extensions The Right Way

how to wash hair extensions
Hair extensions are a great way to get the look and the length that makes your hair look and feel luxurious. They come in every imaginable colour and they can give you unique highlights to your normal hair. While extensions are easy to use, they can be a challenge when it comes time to wash.

Your hair extensions washing method will depend on your style, but there are certain care tips that work across the board. If you want your extensions to last and keep looking great, you need to take extra care when shampooing, conditioning, and styling. Your stylist at a professional salon like Lux Hair Lounge will instruct you on the basic care routine for your extensions.

Let’s take a closer look at a few guidelines for washing your hair extensions.

how to wash hair extensions 2

#1 – Brushing

Your hair extension washing routine should start before you get in the shower. Brushing your extensions should be a major part of your daily care. Extensions have the tendency to become tangled and matted easily, so you should be brushing them several times a day for prevention. Before you get in the shower, it’s important to brush out all of your extensions thoroughly.

#2 – Pre-Treatment

If you want your extensions to stay in great shape, you should be using a Shampoo Pre-treatment solution before you wash. This type of treatment will help to smooth, enrich, and keep your extensions looking like they are part of your natural hair. You need to leave your treatment on for a minimum of 30 minutes once a week for the best results.

#3 – Upright Washing

It’s not a good idea to flip your hair over when you are washing it with extensions in place. Always shampoo your hair with extensions from the root to the tip in the upright position. Flipping your hair down can lead to tangles and matting that are difficult to get rid of. It’s essential to wash your hair at an upright angle to make styling easier and prevent the breakdown of your extensions.

#4 – Massage the Scalp

When you have hair extensions, you don’t want to overdo it with your shampoo product. The goal is to give your scalp a good cleaning and let the rest of the product simply rinse through your hair and extensions. Use your shampoo to give your scalp a good scrub, and then rinse it out carefully in the upright position. Add a small amount of product to your hands and then lather it before you put it on your scalp for the best results. Too much product can result in an itchy buildup on the scalp.

#5 – Apply Conditioner

After thoroughly rinsing out your shampoo, you can use your conditioning product as normal. Apply conditioner to the lengths and ends of your hair only and work it through gently. Never apply conditioner to your scalp, as it can degrade your extension fasteners and cause a buildup of product on the scalp. The leading cause of itchiness on the scalp is using too much product that isn’t getting properly rinsed.

#6 – Dry and Style

When you are done shampooing and conditioning your hair and extensions, take a soft towel or old t-shirt and gently squeeze out the excess water. Do not rub your hair dry, as this will cause knotting and matting. Use your towel or t-shirt to pat your hair dry gently. Once you have removed most of the water from your hair, you can style it as usual.

Maintaining your hair extensions will take some work, but washing them shouldn’t be a big deal. Follow these tips to help you wash your hair extensions and keep them looking fantastic. 

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