The 10 Rules To Follow For Beautiful Hair

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Along with good skin, beautiful hair is one of the best accessories a girl can have. No matter your style, hair that is healthy, shiny and strong is near the top of most people’s beauty wish-lists.

Unfortunately though, this time of year can wreak havoc on our hair, especially when dips in chlorinated pools, sun exposure and too much event-styling starts to ruin the condition and stifle growth.

Whether you have a pixie cut, a lob, or long locks, there are ways to counteract the tolls on our tresses. We caught up with Paul Mitchell Artistic Team member Kobi Bokshish to give us a little refresher on getting our most beautiful hair yet.

Keep reading for the top 10 hair commandments for beautiful hair!

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1. Cool it on the heat tools

This is a hard one to give up, but continued use of heat styling tools including daily blow-drying can be aggressive on the hair, depleting it of natural moisture and shine.

Minimising the use of heat tools such as straightening irons, curling wands and blow dryers (and always using a heat protective products when you reach for the hot helpers) will ensure you maintain your hair’s natural health and lustre.


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    Good tips!

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    i think i was born in the wrong generation

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    Great tips!

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    I have just become aware that beautiful hair doesn’t come naturally, I have to do stuff to make it look great!

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    Great tips, will airdry hair more often!

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    There are wonderful dry shampoos for coloured hair on the market that define your colour and keep your hair moisturised

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    Love to do something special with my hair.

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    I need a better shampoo & conditioner.

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    Things I already know already. Would love to find out about new colour technology or new and improved products or techiques

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    Great tips!

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    Useful tips. Thanks!

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    I actually do think a good hairdresser is really a magician. he he they can do wonders!

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