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Digital media is popular, cheap, widespread and effective; it’s little wonder just about every business these days is using online platforms for their branding and communications (even those you mightn’t think are suited for social media).

In truth, you can’t think of online branding without also thinking about content marketing. After all, content marketing for industrial business, fashion brands, restaurants and everything in between is a must.

If you’re wondering what content marketing really is, or you’re yet to dabble your toe into it for your business, keep reading. Below we cover everything you need to know to get across content marketing, pronto.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing involves creating and using content for marketing a product or service online. Online content can be in the form of social media, blogs, podcasts via a webinar platform, or email newsletters. But whichever kind of marketing you choose, it must relate to your respective product or service. At the very least, the content you choose should aim to deliver the right message across that type of media.

Social Media Content

Content that we usually see in social media such as images, videos, infographics, memes and games – all of these can be used for marketing purposes depending on your brand archetype. Usually, brands use content that is trending at that time; however, a brand can be trendsetter too!

Blog Content

Whereas once upon a time, blogs were solely found on websites such as ours, nowadays, they can be found all over social media as well. In general terms, even with the growth of micro blogging on social media, blogs which are published on websites and written on a related topic or subject matter are usually more detailed and in-depth.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a direct selling/marketing approach that a business will send to a new or existing customer via an automated email service such as Mailchimp. For this, a company may strategically decide on a group of targeted customers based on their behavioural data and attributes and then communicates with them via promotional emails.

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Why Prioritise Content Marketing?

Content marketing is considered one of the most effective and unparalleled marketing tools these days. Here are the reasons why:

An Easy Gateway

What better place is there to find millions of potential customers other than the internet? While people spend time playing video games, scrolling social media and following the news, content marketing can grab the attention of the potential clients in a more pleasant and trickier way. If done correctly, effective content marketing won’t be easily skipped over. Those customers may even willingly follow and spread your brand through sharing your content.

Stay on top of customer’s minds

Every business comes with multiple rivals; that’s why it’s important to be the name that springs first into people’s minds. But it’s not an easy thing to do – as the saying goes, being out of sight keeps you out of mind. To counteract this, you must keep your presence high even if you don’t have a new product or service to offer. In this situation, nothing works better than content marketing.

Boosting your branding through a content calendar is the thing to do here. While you keep your message the same, the content can be individually interesting and socially/emotionally interesting to the audience. Last but not least, engaging content can help win the trust of your followers and potential customers.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Good content can draw potential consumers to your website and further improve your site’s ranking. But before making any new content, you should keep a few things in mind.

1. The caption should be intriguing enough to click.

2. The content should be time relevant and must hold the readers.

3. Audiences should be wisely targeted.

5. Incorporate it with a catchy and relevant image.

Creates Ground for Future Customers

Since great content is likely to be shared, it’s a great way to get your brand in front of new audiences who might become a future customer! The best content:

1. Is shareable.
2. Can be targeted to a specific audience.
3. Can be kept forever in your business content portfolio.
4. Can be monitored easily
5. Bring quick responses and increase talk ability.

Takeaway Message

While content marketing is an amazing branding tool, remember that not all content is right for every business. If you want to make it worth your while, be sure to choose the type and frequency of your content wisely, and be equally smart in how it’s presented, reflecting on your product type and targeted group. Be creative, be unique, and act clever!

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