Work: How To Turn Your Love Of Travel Into A Career

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Having a job that you love is the ultimate goal for most, but many of us feel that our passions and career can’t go hand-in-hand. Are we wrong?

Thanks in part to developments in technology, the possibility of having a job that you love is becoming more and more of a reality. Whereas in the not too distant past most people would search for whatever employment they could live with, nowadays, we have the tools to create our own careers from scratch.

The fact is, starting your own business from an entry standpoint has never been easier. It means that you can take your passion for travel (or anything else for that matter) and turn it into a career.

But – there are some key things to think about before you quit your day job!

While working for yourself is without a doubt a rewarding experience, it can also go haywire if you haven’t thought things through.

This article highlights the main things to consider if you want to turn your love of travel into a unique and lucrative lifestyle.

How To Turn Your Love Of Travel Into A Career

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#1 – Develop a Solid Plan

Although you may know that you want to start a travel business, what exactly do you want to achieve from a career in this field you love? Do you want to create a travel blog that offers advice, or do you want to sell tour packages for travellers?

Developing a business plan will ensure that you stay on track and create something worthwhile. To do this, you should aim to do the following:

Find a point of difference

The first step you need to take in building your business plan is finding a niche market. Being part of the business world, you’ll quickly discover how competitive it is. So you need a way to stand out from businesses that are in a similar market to you. How you do this is simple: you need to define what makes you different from your competitors.

Do the background legwork 

You also need to find out how successful your business will be and whether customers need or want your products or services you are selling. This is a vital step to take to ensure you build a successful business from the very start. You can conduct market research by creating surveys to post on social media, through face to face or phone interviews, and questionnaires.

Stalk your competitors

As you build your business, focusing on making sales and money is important, but don’t underestimate the power of researching your competitors. Learning from your competitors’ mistakes will ensure that you can avoid doing the same. But whatever you do, DON’T COPY!

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#2 – Get Online, Properly

Once the business plan is complete, you can start to focus on growing your travel business into more than just an idea and a dream. In this day and age, it would be a fatal mistake not to build and design a website, even if you aren’t selling your products online.

There are so many benefits to having a website, from saving money to improving customer satisfaction (by being available 24/7) but most importantly, having a website gives you credibility, which can lead to growth opportunities.

If you are not skilled in building a website, why not consider outsourcing to a company that specialises in web design for travel businesses? They can help you drive more traffic to your site, and make more sales.

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#3 – Become an Expert

Developing a career out of something you love, such as travel, means that you probably already know a lot about it. However, it would be worthwhile to spend some time to truly understand your business and become an expert in your field. People want to know that the advice or the products they are buying come from a reputable business, and the best way to do this is to prove to them that you know your stuff.

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