How To Look Good At Work: 5 Foolproof Tips

How To Look Good At Work
Wondering how to look good at work? You’re not being superficial – having confidence at work is important and it’s much easier to achieve when you’re feeling good about your appearance. This is so much easier when your work wardrobe is powerful!

It doesn’t matter if you want them to or not – people will notice how you look – especially in the workplace. But it’s not always so easy to leave the house each morning looking – and feeling – like the best version of yourself, let alone feeling powerful.

In the workplace, a powerful work wardrobe will encourage people to perceive you as strong, intelligent and with the right attitude. Let’s face it, rocking up to work in yesterday’s crumpled clothes and worn out shoes won’t help you to be taken seriously by your colleagues or seniors.

Ideally, you want to look like you’ve taken time to consider your outfit and appearance, without being pre-occupied with it. Whether you chose to wear a piece from the WatchBox Indies collection, or a chic scarf around your neck, your effort to look stylish and presentable says a lot about you as a person.

So, how to look good at work? Let’s take a look.

how to look good at work

How to look good at work? – Check the fit!

Tailored suits are a foolproof option for a good reason: the fit. The solution when you want something that has been created especially for your body, is a comfortable, beautiful suit or dress.

Unlike casual wear, a traditional workplace isn’t the place for your oversized jumpers and tees, and nor do you want your clothes to be too tight or revealing. You’ll look like you take pride in your appearance if you wear clothes that fit you properly.

Don’t scrimp on shoes

There’s no use in having a beautiful outfit if your shoes are worn out or too casual. You need to invest in appropriate footwear, and that’s most likely going to veto your sky high heels. Opt for something comfortable and practical – yet stylish, and that means shopping for shoes that are well-made, classic in style, and don’t feel uncomfortable all day.

Show off the time 

We mentioned the WatchBox Indies collection earlier for a reason: a watch elevates any work outfit and they’re a great way to showcase your personal style. Having a range of watches to choose from will let you change the way your outfits look in an instant. Bracelet watches are great as are those with a real leather strap. 

Add a great bag

Whether you carry a satchel or a handbag, this isn’t something you can do without these days. You need to opt for a functional, stylish bag that holds everything that you need it to hold. That means shopping for a bag big enough to hold your stuff, but isn’t so big it resembles a suitcase! 


Classic-style jewellery, scarves, belts – you name it, you can accessorise with it. If you’re wondering how to look good at work and you truly want to elevate your work wardrobe, then take the time to create outfits that are enhanced with well-chosen accessories.

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