8 Great Fashion Books To Read This Summer!


Once you’ve exhausted your fill of fashion films, submerge yourself in the literary world of fashion! Fashion books let us squeeze out every little bit of style information from our favourite models and designers – from their first steps, to their inspirations and daily mantras.

We couldn’t help but put together a list of our top fashion books to read, and here’s what we came up with:


1. Grace: A Memoir

Prepare yourself for severe career envy. Grace Coddington’s memoir gives rare insight into the life of our all time favourite fashion editor (or maybe it’s just me?)

From her early beginnings in Wales as an enthusiastic Vogue reader, right through to her American Vogue inauguration, Grace’s memoir is a must read for all those who can appreciate the old, stubborn wisdom of a fashion luminary.

grace coddington a memoir

Image: http://www.interviewmagazine.com/


2. Champagne Supernovas

An expose of the fashion tripartite that monopolised the 90’s, Champagne Supernovas reflects on the careers of Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen allowing us to re-live an age of fashion anarchy.

It was the death of the supermodel and the elite in return for a fashion democracy in which everyone had a say, street fashion reigning supreme.

kate moss champagne supernovas

Image: www.stardustandsequins.com


3. The Vogue Factor

An Insider’s account of working within the clamour of Australian Vogue, home grown talent Kirstie Clements reveals the trials and tribulations of the fashion Shangri-La in it’s more unknown reality.

Whilst Clements doesn’t skip on the glamorous photo shoots and celebrity interviews, she does present a naked truth for those aspiring to work in the industry.



4. My Journey

Announcing the end of her namesake label, Donna Karan releases her memoir, taking an affectionate look back on the fashion mogul’s long spanning career of over four decades. Anyone with a love for feminine, elegant designs will undoubtedly be an admirer of Karan.

From her early years as a fashion intern, to the creation of her Seven Easy Pieces, this memoir is a must read.

donna karan my journey portrait

Image: http://fashionstylefan.com/


5. Irreverent

With a Karl Lagerfeld sticker of approval, Carine Roitfeld embodies everything we picture when we amuse ourselves with the ideals of the Parisian woman.

This visual anthology is an exhaustive account of Roitfeld’s fashion career, defined by innovative style and an ability to gaze beyond the commonplace. This is dedication to one of the most remarkable French Vogue editor-in chiefs’ the world has ever seen, an absolute must for every Francophile.

carine_roitfeld_with karl lagerfeld

Image: www.allfashionistasgotoheaven.com


6. B Model: An Embellished Memoir

Adding a little fashion fiction to the list, Miranda Darling tells the story of the ‘B Model’, those craving the lifestyle of the rich and famous within the context of the 80’s supermodel, but must settle for a less illustrious lifestyle in the mean time.

Being a former model herself Darling gives readers a glimpse into the less conspicuous modelling world horseplay that happens behind doors.


7. If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You by Kelly Cutrone

Kelly Cutrone, the fashion oligarch that we all recognise from the Hills, who took no gibe from Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port presents a cut-throat read for those who are bewildered by the illusions of a fashion dreamland.

As the title proclaims, these are most definitely the things your mothers would have never told you about the how to be successful in the industry.

As we yearn for our favourite fashion icons to the release little pieces of themselves through their memoirs, nothing can add more to our fashion repertoires than the intricacies of a well-written book.


8. In the Front Row

A story of triumph and a read that will intensify your ‘Amour-propre’, Simon P. Lock affirms his adoration and confidence in the Australian market and how it was brought to the world stage.

Serving as an ode to Australia’s most talented designers including Kym Ellery and Colette Dinnigan just to name a few, Lock encourages us to reflect on just how far Australian fashion has come.

…Have we forgotten something? – let us know what you think of our list of the top fashion books to read in the comments below!




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