DIY Christmas Gifts – 5 Gifts To Make & Give For The Holiday

diy christmas ideas
It’s getting close to Christmas and that means it’s time to go shopping for the perfect gifts for your family and friends.  Below are five easy DIY gifts your loved ones are sure to enjoy.

You can spend hours going through the stores, but finding the best gifts at affordable prices can be tricky. While homemade Christmas gifts take some time and effort, the best gifts are often those you make yourself. Furthermore, they’re the most cherished and the lightest on your pocket.

Keep reading and be inspired to make some awesome gifts this year!

#1 – Cross Stitch

Cross stitch projects can range from stunning to downright hilarious. Traditional cross-stitching usually depicts flowers, houses, or other objects in varying degrees of detail. But, there’s a new online trend of writing funny or obscene quotes in cute fonts using cross-stitching. You can even choose a picture or quote and pixelate it using a mobile app. You then have a pattern to start your cross stitch from. 

You can of course, also cross-stitch your designs on garments, shoes, and gifts for children. Why not place these homemade gifts in a personalised Christmas Eve box along with all-time favourite goodies, which is sure to delight any recipient and help your friends and relatives welcome the holiday season warmly!

#2 – Tic Tac Toe Board

Tic tac toe is a fun game for all ages, they make a beautiful gift. All you need is a big enough piece of wood for the board, some smaller pieces for the dots and crosses, and a ruler and paint for the grid. It’s also best to sand the wood as smooth as possible and oil or even varnish it after to help it last longer. 

Aside from a tic tac toe board, you can also DIY a wooden Jumanji board game for your children, nieces, and nephews. Playing board games can keep children happy and busy during Christmas get-together parties. You can create your own version using spare gemstones from broken fashion accessories and an old solid wood carved to mimic the jungle obstacles.

#3 – Cookie Mix Bag

This gift is perfect for all ages and can be customised for any baked good. Just switch out the cookie ingredients for any flavours your loved ones prefer. To make the sacks:

  1. Cut strips of fabric 22 inches long by eight inches wide and fray the shorter edges.
  2. Fold the strip in half and sew along the two long sides, rounding the seam slightly at the bottom.
  3. Find your favourite cookie mix and add it to the bag, then print out or handwrite a label with instructions for making the cookies.
  4. Add a few measuring spoons, so the recipient has everything they need to start baking, and attach the spoons and label to the twine you use to tie the bag closed.

#4 – Cord Roll

Trying to keep cords like earphones and chargers in order when traveling can be a nightmare. If you know someone who travels often, this could be just the right gift for them. Cut the following shape out of leather or another sturdy, hardy, flexible material: 

Cut loops for the wires along the middle of the roll until just before the triangle starts, then mark where the top of the triangle meets the roll and add snap buttons to secure the roll closed. 

A great alternative to a cord roll is a cord case. You can create personalised cord cases from old shipping boxes, small plastic containers, and wood boxes.

First, cut the box or container using a cutter or similar tool to reduce the size. Ensure the cord case can accommodate the sizes of most gadgets’ cords. Next, you can attach some beads, buttons, stickers, a tiny beautiful ribbon, or any decorative element you want in the cord case to make it more appealing.  

#5 – Tea Christmas Trees

If you have a friend who loves tea, you could make them a little Christmas tree out of individual tea packages. This project is about as simple as it looks. All you need to do is glue the tea packages to a styrofoam cone, then glue the cone to a paper or plastic cylinder and decorate it.

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