8 New Decor Trends & Ideas For The 2021 Holiday Season

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It’s that time of the year again — the time you drag those large boxes of Christmas paraphernalia out of the garage and start decorating your home for the silly season. If you’re planning to put on a truly festive display this year, here the are the Christmas decoration ideas and trends you should try.

#1- Neutrals Are In

You don’t have to just put up greens and reds anymore. From mid-century modern inspired greys and blacks to clean farmhouse whites, neutral décor isn’t going anywhere, and this means that neutral Christmas decoration items are in as well.

Black, navy, white, natural wood tones, and other neutrals look just as festive as the traditional Christmas colours when done correctly. Just make sure to match to your existing interior scheme for ultimate colour cohesion.

#2 – Neon and Pastel Tones are Trending

Neutrals are an elegant and minimalistic approach for your Christmas décor, but if you want something fun and bold then neon and pastels are another way to go.

Neon signs, in particular, are making a comeback. Whether you prefer the luminous shades of neon or the soft look of pastels, or even a combination of the two, you can play with these colour palettes to your heart’s content when decorating with neon.

#3 – Expect Asymmetrical, Sparse Christmas Trees

As with many things found in nature, nothing is perfectly symmetrical, and natural Christmas trees are no different. These days, to look as natural and realistic as possible, an increasing number of asymmetrical artificial trees are available.

Meanwhile, stylistic and sparse trees are also trending. Whether you use this type of tree to show off numerous Christmas lights and decorations or drape the tree in delicate fairy lights, you are only limited by your imagination.

#4 – Silver and Gold Reign Supreme

Metallic Christmas themes will continue to take the centre stage this holiday season. As modern interior design continues to grace most homes, silver is the preferred hue to complement these interiors. Silver is cooler and considered more minimal. It’s also perfect for both hot southern hemisphere climates as as well as freezing and snowy northern hemisphere climes.

As always, balance is key – rather than going 100% silver, throw in a dash of gold here and there to add depth and warmth.

#5 – Decorating for Nostalgia

Since the start of the pandemic, many people rediscovered the importance of tradition – particularly when lockdown restrictions meant families couldn’t celebrate in the usual fashion.

This year, Christmas nostalgia will dominate decorative efforts as well as on tables. Using vintage ornaments by Polar X, passed-down tablecloths, and sentimental crockery, these items help us bring back the best memories of the past.

And better yet, they’re also eco-friendly and budget-friendly décor options. Rather than buying brand new items, if you re-use old ones, repurpose and recycle, and find some hidden gems at your local second hand market you’re helping your bank balance as well as the planet.

#6 – Decorating with House Plants

Indoor plants make great gifts and look good all year round. However, with a little creativity, they also make great holiday décor. Some of the Christmas plant favourites include hyacinth, cyclamen, and poinsettia. You can even get cute mini-Christmas trees to place on dining tables or living room coffee tables.

Opting for small indoor plants doesn’t mean you have to do away with festive touches though. You can delicately drape thin fairy lights or wire lights over small plants, or wrap decorations around your plant pots.

#7 – Tree Skirts Are a Must

For those determined to maintain a modern and minimal look in their homes all year round, tree skirts are a must. Tree skirts cover the stand or trunk of your Christmas tree to create a cohesive and clean look. The addition of a tree skirt not only helps create a neat look it’s another way to decorate the tree without overloading the branches with knick-knacks.

#8 – Cute Christmas Gonks

Last year, Christmas gonks were extremely popular, and these cute little figurines with long bushy beards and adorable knitted hats will continue to be in a lot of homes this holiday season. 

These charming holiday characters can be dotted around stairs and steps, by the fireplace, beneath your Christmas tree, or anywhere you want to bring a smile to people’s faces. Some even have light-up beards or hats! This year, retailers are also now offering gonk-themed items from gonk baubles to gonk-themed bedding.

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