5 Interior Design Tips For The Ultimate Cozy Couple’s Bedroom

Our bedroom should always be the most comfortable room in the house, and for couples, it should be furnished in an intimate way. While some people only see the bedroom as a place to crash after a long hard day, an ideal bedroom provides a refuge for us to relax, refresh and recharge.

If you’re looking for ways you can turn your average bedroom into something special, keep reading for 5 of the best tips you can start implementing today.

#1 – Make use of texture

In the world of interior design, texture has become a buzzword, and it’s an essential element of every designer’s vocabulary. Adding to texture to a room includes much more than a fringed-edged cushion here and a raw wood texture there. It is the concise craft of mixing the raw and smooth with the visual texture:

Contrasting textures are one way of highlighting certain aspects of the bedroom. They provide balance to the overall interior design of the bedroom.

Proper layering is important if you’re looking to create a rich and deep-filled scheme. Try to mix several different texture sources, so you don’t just rely on fabric or furniture finishing.

Exploring textured furniture and home accessories is another great option. However, be careful not to add excessive texture to every inch of your room because it might produce a reverse effect and just look like a mess!

The goal is not to fill your bedroom with every texture that you can find, but to make use of textures that compliment the room. It’s a delicate mix of textiles to produce a soft and cozy look.

#2 – Display evocative and tasteful art

Choose a gorgeous art piece together, or find a symbol of your memories from one of your holidays and display it in the room front and center. Dream catchers are perfect bedroom decorating accessories as are framed prints, or a tasteful collage of your photos and memories together.

You can customise your framed prints or collages. Platforms like Canvaspop offers amazing options for you to display all your fondest moments. This can be a great starting point for the rest of your room and it’s a fun and easy way to add a personal touch to your bedroom as well.

#3 – Add proper lighting

Adding different sources of lighting is super important in creating that cozy and warm look for any bedroom. Floor lamps and dimmers make the room more ambient which is perfect for couples. Positioning the lights is also important in making the atmosphere of the room appealing and captivating.

To layer the lighting, the first step is to begin with the primary lights, which are the main sources of light and brightness in a room. The next step is to add accent lighting. It brightens the dark spots of the rooms where the primary light doesn’t reach. Accent lighting is perfect for highlighting and bringing to notice the pieces of art that the room is decorated with.

Make sure you use lightbulbs with the same colour temperature to maintain consistency. Use wall sconces or pendant lights beside the bed to free up valuable night table space.

To make the ambiance of the room even better, why not introduce scented candles that can be arranged in different areas. There’s nothing like a candle to bring coziness to a couple’s bedroom.

#4 – Be extravagant with pillows

An abundance of pillows not only brings coziness to the bedroom, they transform a boring bedroom into a classy one. For ultimate comfort, don’t be afraid to add a few more pillows than you think you need. However, a bed that’s completely full of pillows of different sizes will neither look appealing nor will it provide you with enough space to relax. So, you need to be a little bit logical when decorating your bed with pillows:

Pillows with the same texture as the quilt or pullover looks great. It creates coherence between the linens and looks stylish.

Use the pillows as part of the broader colour scheme for the room. The pillow’s colour should complement the wall colour, the curtains, the bed sheets and covers.

Alternatively, if you have a all white bedding you can use any colour combination of pillows to contrast against it. A cluster of throw pillow look fun and interesting.

#5 – Decorate with Plants

Add plenty of florals and large plants to make your bedroom look grand and refreshing. Plants liven up the room and make the space aesthetically pleasing, along with adding a coziness factor.

Plants in a bedroom can do much more than just brighten up your room and shelves however. They can also elevate and improve the state of a person’s mind. Most people don’t recognise how important the quality of air can be for an individual.

Chemical compounds such as formaldehyde from insulation and carpet backing, trichloroethylene present in our dry cleaning, and benzene from the solvents and paints in our room can be dispersed into the atmosphere while we are asleep and adversely affect the quality of our sleep. Plants can soak up dangerous substances into their pores, thus clearing the air that we breathe on a daily basis.

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