How To Pick The Most Memorable Gift For Any Bride-To-Be

memorable wedding bridal gift ideas

The dream day finally arrives – the day when one of your friends has their wedding and becomes a bride. They have designed a beautiful bouquet, found the perfect dress and set up the gift registry, but now one thing remains – finding the perfect gift for them. But what gifts do brides really want?

We all know the old good luck adage of “old, new, borrowed and blue.” However, these days, there are much more modern and meaningful ways to commemorate the day other than with a dusty display case to hold the top tier of the wedding cake. 

Whether it’s a personalised gift that makes her feel appreciated, an experience gift for something she has always wanted to do, or something that’ll help her big day go more smoothly, if your bridal gift has passion and purpose behind it, chances are high that she will LOVE it!

Here are the top tips to finding the most memorable gift ideas for any bride-to-be.

#1 – Appeal to her tastes

If you’re in the bridal party you should have a good idea already as to what her tastes and interests are. While practicality is great when shifting into a new phase of life, these type of gifts tend to get a bit boring or predictable after a while. Let’s face it, nobody wants to end up with sixteen platters and five toasters. 

So, when looking into gifts for her, try to find something that closely aligns with her personal taste. For instance, if your bride-to-be has invested in specific jewellery for her wedding day, you could get her an engraved jewellery box to commemorate the occasion – this can keep her special wedding jewellery separate from her everyday collection. 

Engraving bridal gifts also ensures that your heartfelt gesture becomes both a treasured belonging and a fond lifelong memory. 

#2 – Make married life musical 

If the bride-to-be or the bridal couple happens to be the type who never wants the party to end, how about appealing to their musical tastes? Fun gifts like tickets to a concert they can experience on or after their honeymoon is a great way to help the newlyweds keep the good times rolling. If you know a little about the new couples shared tastes, then there are a myriad of other gifts for audiophiles that are equally sure to please.

If you’re in the bridal party and have some influence over the day’s festivities, you could even organise some surprise musical entertainment for the wedding, like surprise renditions of your couple’s favourite song, or other similar heartfelt musical performances.

This is a great gift that encourages the happy couple to dance and groove their way through the wedding day and kick off their life as newlyweds with a definitive bang. 

memorable gifts for brides

#3 – Help prepare with some self-care

If you or your friend is planning on having a bridal shower instead of a bachelorette party, this is the perfect opportunity to give a gift that helps them prepare for the big day. Many brides often don’t realise how much organisation and planning goes into a wedding until they find themselves halfway through their engagement with a myriad of tasks suddenly filling up their day-to-day life. 

To limit the stress, why not give the bride something to help her with preparations – or can at least provide her with some much-needed pre-wedding self-care. A gift box filled with things such as candles, skincare and coffee is a great idea for brides-to-be who are in dire need of some rejuvenation. EveryMarket is a great shop to purchase these because they offer the most unique and high-quality products from all over the world.

#4 – A great experience

While some traditional wedding gifts can still come in handy, there is no doubt that when it comes to the modern engagement, many newlyweds already live together and have most of the everyday items they need. Therefore, when looking for the most unique gift, it’s a good idea to hone in on experiences that the bride or the couple would prefer over material gift ideas.

Have they always wanted to experience something like a safari or travel to a certain location, such as the Great Barrier Reef? Giving your bride-to-be an experiential wedding gift is certain to be well received, so this gift idea is well worth considering for all 21st century wedding-goers. 

#5 – A recipe for every occasion

If your bride is the type who likes to create culinary masterpieces on the regular, then how about a recipe book full of ideas that she and her partner can make together? Better yet, why not make it more personal by asking mutual friends or other close families to submit their favourite recipes? This is a touching and memorable way of ensuring that family recipes are documented for future generations to enjoy.

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