Wedding Etiquette: How To Be The Best Bridesmaid

There are few greater privileges than being asked to be someone’s bridesmaid. Be it your best friend you’ve known since childhood or a much-loved relation, getting to share in their special day will make your bond even stronger.

And if you’ve been tasked with being the chief bridesmaid (or maid of honour), the job description also comes with a lot of responsibility.

From planning the festivities, to helping select the dress, and being a shoulder to cry on, being a maid of honour calls for creativity, reliability and compassion.

Here are some top tips for being the best possible bridesmaid to share in the joy of the brides’s big day.


#1 – Plan the Perfect Hen’s Party

As one of your biggest bridesmaid’s duties, it’s essential you get the hens party 100% on-point. While you may have known the bride for a long time and think you’re completely across all of her likes and dislikes, this is not the occasion to rely on any guesses.

Even the most “low-key” bride may have something particular in mind such as a wild night out, so planning a quiet afternoon tea will lead to her disappointment. So, before you start planning, show that you’re a thoughtful maid of honour by speaking to her FIRST.

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