Makeup Fit For A Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Makeup Artist Emily Veness is an expert at recreating the most identifiable Hollywood makeup looks. Here she reveals how to master one of the most iconic looks of all time…. Breakfast At Tiffany’s!!!

This elegant and classic look defined the early 60’s. Makeup was softened from the stronger looks seen on Hepburn in her 50’s roles, a trade-in that silver screen makeup artist, Wally Westmore, decided would be fitting for her characterisation of ‘that modern girl’. The slightly older women cast in the film kept their ‘dated’ 50’s makeup, a purposeful juxtaposition. See, makeup tells a story!

Depending on the scene and setting, Holly Golightly’s makeup would become softer or slightly intensified; however the fresh tones she used always remained the same.

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#1 – The Classic Eye

1. Start your eye look by applying light concealer as a base. This will ensure longevity and remove any discolouration from the lids.

2. Set your concealer by dusting a neutral eyeshadow with a matte finish, half a shade lighter than your natural skin tone.

3. Apply a gel liner into the roots of your lashes with a small angled brush. Create a flick by measuring just one brush length from the outer corners of your eyes. The shape of your flick should be in the direction that would meet the tapered end of your eyebrows should the line continue. Finish by smoothing the line so it there is a natural curve to the liner.

4. Use a nude-toned eyeliner to the inner rim of your eyes to create the illusion of larger more ‘doe-eyed’ peepers – just like Audrey’s.

5. Though Holly Golightly left her eyelids devoid of shadow for daytime, she added a touch of soft charcoal for her night time ‘party-look’. Use an eye-brush with soft bristles to create a soft wash of colour into the socket of the eye, focusing the product on the outer corners. Blend product with a clean blush to create a soft ‘hazy’ look.

6. Use the excess product left on the brush to apply the shadow just under the lower lash-line. The nude eye pencil used in conjunction with this illusionary trick will help to open your eyes even further. Thank me later.

7. Finish with lots of mascara – or, if you’re feeling daring, add some falsies. Golightly was featured with a natural but lush false set at all times. Select a pair without too much drama, soft and just slightly longer on the outer edges.

When applying your lashes, a good tip is to keep your chin up when looking at yourself at the mirror. This way you won’t squint when trying to pop them on, which makes the whole process near impossible – trust me.


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