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Party season is fast approaching so I’ve asked Australian Lashes Queen, Helen Dowsley, to share some of her secrets on choosing the best eyelashes.

We all know that eyes are the key to getting any beauty look right, so Helen has developed an abundance of different kinds of eyelashes for us ladies to experiment with this season.

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Helen Dowsley eyelashes

A selection of lashes from Helen Dowsley.


With Spring Racing well underway, celebrations will be spent under the sun, which is why it is important to begin rethinking your day look.

How to choose fake eyelashes for the daytime: 

Subtle eyelashes with an invisible band are perfect for a natural day look. These deliver a more youthful, gentle expression, which can be achieved with Helen Dowsley’s Natural Lash, Favourites Lash, Flutter Lash, or Flirt Lash.

TIP: When choosing the right eyelash for daytime events, it is important to realise how large the gap is between your lash and your brow as this will determine the type of eyelash you should apply.

  • If you have a large space between your lashes and their brows, Helen suggests the application of her Fab Lash, In Love Lash, or New Love Lash.
  • If you have a limited space between your lashes and brows go for a shorter lash such as the Kiss Me lash which won’t crowd the space.
Helen Dowsley eyelashes mbfwa

All of the lashes – backstage beauty prep at MBFWA


What eyelashes to choose when transitioning from day to night?

Daylight saving means the parties will be commencing in the light so it is important to find that balance between a natural daytime look and sexy evening look.

A smoky eye is an ideal way of achieving this balance.

Helen Dowsley uses an in-built eyeliner in her Lash me Lash, Flutter Lash, Favourites Lash, and Kiss Me Lash which is perfect for achieving this sophisticated evening look as it opens the eye to create a glamorous almond eye shape.

Want even more of a POP?

Helen has created her very own underlash kit as well. Simply apply these as you would regular top lashes and prepare for compliments!

Helen Dowsley underlash

To shop Helen’s range of lashes click here.


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