30 Beauty Hacks That Are Actually Useful


Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make all the difference! Who doesn’t love a shortcut that’s designed to help us look better, save time and/or money! We’ve rounded up 30 of the most useful beauty hacks you’ll want to start adopting right away.

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Beauty Hack #1

Spray bobby pins with hairspray for extra grip.

Beauty Hack #2

Use a little peppermint oil on your lips for a plumping effect.

Beauty Hack #3

Protect your hair part from the sun with a powder sunscreen.

Beauty Hack #4

Add a little contact solution to your flaky mascara to make it last longer.

Beauty Hack #5

Use tape to stencil your winged eyeliner to perfect it every time.

Beauty Hack #6

Rub vasoline on your pulse points before applying perfume to help it last all day.

Beauty Hack #7

Use coconut oil as a natural and effective make-up remover.

Beauty Hack #8

Apply clear mattifier before foundation to rid oily complexions.

Beauty Hack #9

Try apple cider vinegar and water as a toner for the natural anti-bacterial properties.

Beauty Hack #10

Apply a white base under eye shadow to make colours pop!

Beauty Hack #11

Apply under eye concealer in a downward triangle shape to best cover dark circles.

Beauty Hack #12

Put your mascara in your bra for a few minutes before use to warm it up for a smoother application.

Beauty Hack #13

Clean your make-up brushes with a gentle face cleanser for a cleaner application and to prevent bacteria build up.

Beauty Hack #14

Reduce eye puffiness with cold green tea bags.

Beauty Hack #15

Reduce hair frizz by drying your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel.

Beauty Hack #16

Spritz your perfume in multiple places including your hair, inside your elbow, behind your ear, your belly button, behind the knees and down your back.

Beauty Hack #17

Style your hair the night before. Work in a texturizing crème before bed, braid your hair and sleep on it.

Beauty Hack #18

When applying foundation, apply to the centre of he face and blend outwards.

Beauty Hack #19

Fake fuller lips by applying a light pencil to the centre of your lips before gloss.

Beauty Hack #20

Layer multiple face masks for the best results. Choose retinol for eyes, charcoal or salicylic acid for your t-zone and vitamin c and peptides for the cheeks.

Beauty Hack #21

Use a BB cream instead of moisturiser and foundation to save time and money.

Beauty Hack #22

Make dry shampoo your best friend for second day hair.

Beauty Hack # 23

Turn a pencil eyeliner into a gel liner by holding a flame to it for a second or two.

Beauty Hack #24

Just chuck on a hat or scarf to cover up a bad hair day!

Beauty Hack #25

Press freshly painted lips with a tissue and a dusting of translucent powder to help the colour last longer

Beauty Hack #26

Run a GHD over loose braids for effortless wavy hair

Beauty Hack #27

Use a lipstick as a creme blush for when you’re on the go, of if you forget your makeup bag

Beauty Hack #28

Mix a pale highlighter into your foundation for an all-over dewy glow

Beauty Hack #29

Add sugar to your regular face cleanser for a natural, super-cheap facial exfoliant.

Beauty Hack #30

Coat eyelashes in a dusting of baby powder before mascara for instant extensions

What are some of your beauty tips and tricks? Share with us below!


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