6 Tips to Look Amazing At The Beach

beach style ways to look your best at the beach

Getting the best beach style is important for Aussies given that it’s one of the most popular ways to spend our downtime during summer. Whether you’re there for the day, or an entire summer holiday, there’s nothing better than popping on your favourite swimwear and relaxing by the shore.

If a trip to the beach is on your horizon, then why not make the most of it by looking stylish and fabulous while you enjoy wearing Australian bikinis for a day in the sun? If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration to look stylish on the sand, there are few easy ways to elevate your look and stand out from the crowd.

6 tips to taking your beach style to the next level

beach style accessories

#1 – Choose the right accessories

Summer means scorching heat and bright sun. You need to protect your skin if you want to enjoy the best out of the summer, and you can do this by utilising stylish accessories such as sunglasses, hats, and beach cover-ups. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Sunglasses at the beach are a no-brainer, as they will help protect your eyes from the glare and transform your beach style in an instant. Likewise, a great hat will not only protect your face, it will make your whole outfit. There are lots of different hat names out there, from dad caps to boaters, but whichever one you choose, you’ll want to make sure it gives you sufficient shade and isn’t going to blow away in the breeze!

Apart from keeping your skin and hair protected from the sun, the right accessories will complement whatever you are wearing and give you a trendy or sophisticated look.

#2 – Hairstyle

‘Beach hair’ may be a well-known style in it’s own right, but things can go a little bit too far and become unruly if you’re not careful. From sand-filled winds to an abundance of sea salt, the natural elements at the beach can make it hard to control your hair.

If you want to maintain your hair throughout the day and minimise damage after you leave, then consider using a treatment mask or a sun protection spray to keep it moisturised and tangle-free. You may also want to invest in a hair detangler brush to prevent knots and breakage.

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#3 – Simple, comfortable outfits

When you’re dressing for a day at the beach comfort is key. Whether you choose a sheer beach cover-up, some cute shorts and a t-shirt, or a flowing kaftan, no matter what you wear, make it light and breezy.

Dark clothing absorbs sunlight, and will make you feel warmer than you need to be. Instead, opt for lightweight and lighter coloured clothes to keep you comfortable and cool. Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and bamboo are the best choices for maintaining optimal beach style while keeping cool in the sun.

#4 – Define your beach style with the perfect swimsuit

If you’re off to the beach this summer, obviously you will need a swimsuit or three. There are endless options of swimsuit styles available online, and there’s something for everyone’s taste and body shape. When shopping for a new swimsuit, ideally, try before you buy. If ordering online, select several different styles in different sizes, and choose the one/s that make you look and feel your best. Keep an open mind, and you might be surprised at what you end up with!

#5 – Boho flair beach style 

Bohemian-style beachwear remains a popular beach style the world over. From Byron Bay to Bali and Brasil, teaming a bikini with a boho-style cover-up and oversized hat will give you a true boho style. Denim cut-off shorts with a pair of sandals is another great modern boho look.

#6 – Stylish Beach Party Outfits

If you’re going to a beach with a party aspect, then expect the adjacent bars to be full of people who want to enjoy a cool drink, relax, and party. In this case, make sure you take some pieces that can translate from the beach to the bar. For elevated beach style in this situation, try wearing a maxi dress with heels, or some high waisted shorts over the top of a statement one piece. Again, hats, jewellery and sunglasses will help you complete the beach-to-bar transition with ease.

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