How To Buy The Best Maternity Swimwear In Australia

maternity swimwear
You no longer have to sacrifice on comfort and style, or skip the trip to the beach, writes Capriosca Swimwear.

Being pregnant is probably the single most exciting (and frightening) time in your life. There’s so much to think about and prepare for, not to mention adapting to the changes your body is going through.

There’s no excuse not to get out and have fun in the water while pregnant, and you’ll definitely not want to miss out on playing with your little water baby once they arrive.

Having maternity swimwear that works for you throughout your journey will make it easy to enjoy the beach and pool.

Whether you’ve just had a baby, or you’ve got one on the way, every mum and mum-to-be deserves to feel fabulous before, during and after the big day.

To help you feel beautiful and wonderfully confident in the water, Capriosca Swimwear have designed a range of flattering maternity swimwear to enhance both your comfort and confidence.

Why is Capriosca Swimwear maternity swimwear a favourite amongst new mums?

maternity swimwear

#1 – Power Mesh

Capriosca’s ‘Power Mesh’ lining and swimwear styles are cut in exactly the right places, and this comfortable fabric works wonders to smooth your shape in seconds.

This material gets you ready to flaunt your beautiful baby body, with swimwear designed to complement your shape and fit all of your styling needs.

The Power Mesh in this maternity swimwear will also make you feel supported after your baby arrives. It holds everything in place so you can concentrate on having fun with your little one.

#2 – Wider straps

During pregnancy, support is everything! Capriosca’s maternity swimwear is designed with wider straps to ensure that your bust is supported, and you stay comfortable.

A common problem for more busty women, thin straps often dig into the shoulders and they stretch as your body grows. Having wider straps on your maternity swimwear will make you look classic and chic while giving you the support and security you need when getting out there and having fun.

Capriosca’s thick and durable maternity swimwear range is designed to help you swim, walk and play with your little ones without thinking twice about it.

maternity swimwear

#3 – Maternity Tankini Tops

For an overall flattering effect, you should definitely consider a feminine swing tankini with a skirted A-line top. Teamed with a high waist bottom that sits comfortably on your natural waist, this combination is ideal for coverage and control.

Perfect for those needing different sizes on top and bottom, and transitioning to your post pregnancy body, tankinis have the added benefit of being easy to take on or off.

With the option to mix and match styles and prints with our tankini options, there is a maternity swimwear style to suit every body.

#4 – Adjustable Straps

Ultimate comfort comes from adjustable straps. After a long day of being “strapped in”, many mums like to lie back and loosen the straps to enjoy a little down time (literally).

For a little extra support, mums also love that they can easily cross the straps at the back. This helps to lift your bust and give you a more secure fit. Capriosca have thought of everything when it comes to maternity swimwear, and adjustable straps are just one of them.

maternity swimwear

#5 – Frill Sleeve One-pieces

Frill sleeves are another one of our all-time favourites. This maternity swimwear style comes in plain black and navy as well as prints like crane birds, embroidered roses and mosaic aqua.

Featuring a zipper down the front, these are perfect for holding your chest in place or for breastfeeding when your bub is born. They also provide a little extra sun protection which is a bonus.

Frill sleeved one pieces also feature ruching across the tummy with Power Mesh to keep you feeling supported and comfortable. The frill sleeve swimsuits look great worn with a sarong or skirt if you’re heading to lunch or dinner after the beach.

#7 – Swim dresses

Along with Power Mesh lining, swim dress swimsuits have an additional fabric panel for extra tummy coverage. They have a one-piece swimsuit underneath and dress over the top, allowing you to move around freely.

The extra fabric works wonders to give you the best shape around your mummy tummy. With black panelling on either side, this creates the optical illusion of greater slimness. Flirty and feminine, the swim dress, in a print or plain, is yet another great option for your maternity swimwear wardrobe.

#7 – Shelf bras

Not a fan of the underwire? We don’t blame you! Shelf bras are softer and more comfortable, providing a fantastic alternative to the dreaded wire (think sports bra comfort.) They are extremely supportive and comfortable to wear for the whole day.

Capriosca’s maternity swimsuits that incorporate shelf bras are available in many different styles, colours and designs to suit your personal style. To keep you feeling on top of all the latest trends, they have designed a complete maternity range that’s perfect for every mum and mum to be.

#8 – Pretty prints

Forget what you may have heard about printed maternity clothes… It’s time to give printed swimwear a try! With styles, patterns and motifs ranging from floral and geometric to bold colours and more, Capriosca Swimwear have got the perfect print to suit your personality.

Consider our maternity swimsuits a work of art on your beautiful curves! Printed fabrics are a new mum’s best friend. Not only can they hide a multitude of baby accidents and spills, they inject some much needed playfulness into your wardrobe.

For the best selection of maternity swimwear in sizes 10-30, check out Capriosca’s maternity collection online and in-store.


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