5 Dreamy Wedding Ring Design Ideas You Can’t Resist

While many women dream of the perfect wedding day and dress, your wedding ring is just as special – if not more! After all, it’s a ring you’ll be proudly wearing for the rest of your life. Below, we’ve gathered some of our favourite dream wedding ring ideas for you to enjoy, so let’s dive in.

Types of Rings

Engagement rings are traditionally given as part of the proposal, and worn from that point on. Actual wedding rings are exchanged on the wedding day itself, and it’s common to have an aesthetic link between both rings. You may have a direct set, or opt for a flashy engagement ring and a simple wedding band to match your partner’s. 

Women’s engagement rings tend to be more elaborate than the wedding ring, and often feature a centerpiece stone. Most of us wear our engagement and wedding rings together.

Parallel ring sets are when the wedding and engagement rings complement each other, but can be worn alone. Integrating ring sets are those where the wedding and engagement ring make two separate halves of a whole and need to be worn with each other. Both make exquisite choices, so it’s up to your taste which you prefer.

Wearing a wedding set is the perfect way to add a touch of personality that represents your love. It’s also part of an overall trend towards creative weddings that celebrate your personality. 


#1 – Opt for unique stones

While diamonds remain the most popular choice for wedding and engagement rings, there’s absolutely no reason for the modern couple to feel that they need to go for this pricey stone. Diamonds haven’t always been associated with weddings, the popular correlation is actually the result of a de Beers advertising campaign in 1947.

If you want more unique wedding rings, why not look at other stones? Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies have all become popular alternatives to diamonds, bringing stunning colour without losing the shine and sparkle. Aquamarine and Moissanite have also become sought-after jewels for statement pieces.

#2 – Unique bands

If you’re a modern couple, your husband-to-be might want something that expresses the beauty of your individual love as much as you do. Opting for a beautiful and unique band is the perfect way for you to both enjoy something novel.

We’ve seen everything from custom band designs, to interwoven and ‘two make a pair’ designs you can share with each other. This is also a beautiful way to make a unique wedding band that will match an equally unique engagement ring. 

#3 – Search out vintage designs

Many couples are turning to vintage rings to find a beautiful, unique way to celebrate their love. Even if an actual vintage ring is off the table for you, you can use their gorgeous styles and shapes to inspire your wedding band design. 

#4 – Hidden secrets

If you’re inspired by the vintage trend but want something quirky and beautiful, you may enjoy incorporating a hidden secret into your wedding ring set. From secret inscriptions that only you two know are there, through to ring compartments, there’s a ton of fun and elegant ways to build something special into your rings. 

#5 – Stackable Sets

Stackable sets have become a big wedding trend in recent years. This type of wedding band involves wearing multiple rings on one or more fingers. You can use a combination of metals, gems, and designs to create a “journey” of your relationship, starting with the engagement rings and working your way to special anniversaries.  

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