Engagement Rings: 5 Essential Tips For Grooms

engagement ring guide
Engagement rings have their fair share of rules that come with them, some governed by traditions and others governed by practicality…

We’ve all heard the ‘rule’ that engagement rings should cost about three month’s salary, but for millennials getting married, the trend is towards making a meaningful purchase that doesn’t cost a fortune. 

Regardless of how much the ring ends up costing, there’s a few guidelines that grooms should take note of when shopping for the perfect ring for their loved one.

For those that are set on buying a diamond, there are the “Four C’s” which provide a guide to assessing the quality and type of the diamond: cut, colour, clarity, and carat. (There are plenty of online resources which go into great detail about the Four C’s so make sure you read up on them before hitting any jewellery stores!)

Keep reading for the groom’s guide to engagement rings.

engagement rings guide

#1 – Have Your Partner’s Style In Mind

Remember that as much as this ring is a symbol of the union between you and your partner, it’s a ring you’re buying for THEM! Grooms, it’s time to put your own preferences aside, and instead try to buy something that it as close to your partner’s personal style and their fashion choices as possible.

Take note of what type of jewellery she is wearing already and what it is made out of. While you may have a penchant for antique design, if your partner is a modernist, go modern.

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