Eloping vs Wedding: 5 Reasons Why Eloping Is So Popular

Nowadays, elopement ceremonies are on the rise, especially among millennials. The decision whether to have an elopement or a full-scale wedding is a controversial topic and a tough choice for many people. But for others, it’s a no-brainer.

It’s happened – you’re engaged! There’s a wedding on the horizon, but are you prepared for it? Have you gathered enough money to celebrate your big day the way you, your family, and friends had always envisaged?

Many of us dream of their wedding day from childhood, and many people have a scrapbook or mood board filled with inspiration for their perfect day. For many people this may be a traditional wedding with all the trimmings, but many others prefer to elope instead. 

Between the overall experience, and despite the obvious differences in cost, family, and societal expectations, there are a few things to consider when you’re deciding between a traditional wedding or an elopement.

An elopement can be super intimate, where it’s just the two of you and the vendors in an extremely beautiful place. Or, an elopement can include yourselves and a few special guests. If you’re planning to elope check out this California elopement photographer for some great inspiration for how best to capture it.

But first, what is eloping?

Eloping is a marriage held without the knowledge of a couple’s family and friends, more specifically their parents. Couples who elope only have a ceremony – there’s no reception or celebration as such, although some couples do like to have an impromptu party when they return.

In summary, an elopement “is a small, intimate, meaningful, authentic wedding experiences that is a true reflection of your relationship, where the focus of the day is about you two.”

By contrast, traditional weddings tend to shift the focus of the day from being solely about the couple to other factors such as: the event itself, entertaining the guests, and incorporating traditional elements.

Why elope? 5 reasons why eloping is so popular

Put simply, elopements are fun! There’s no shortage of reasons why they are epic, and here’s a few reasons that eloping may better suit the two of you. 


This is probably the first and foremost thing people think about soon after they get engaged. The cost. Once you start to plan a wedding, you start to realise just how expensive it all can be.

From bridal gowns to venues, car hire and photographers, floral arrangements, invitation cards and per head charges, it’s not before too long that many couples then have to focus on saving. It can be alarming to consider the amount of money you need to accumulate just to spend it on ONE day. So, eloping is an economical idea as compared to a traditional wedding. 

Better Authenticity

Many people want to be as authentically themselves at their wedding as possible. However weddings, in some sense, leave couples with a lot of cookie-cutter outcomes that might not be who they are. Choosing to elope gives them the chance to have a day closer to who they are, than what others expect of them. Elopements give couples the power to say, “this is us, this is what we truly want.”

Greater Intimacy 

By nature, elopements are significantly more intimate than most other celebrations. Many brides and grooms become anxious about being the centre of attention of hundreds of people as if they are some sort of showpiece. The sensation is made worse when the guests are not closely known to the couple. By contrast, when you elope you will only have you, your partner, a celebrant, and a good photographer. 

In short, elopements are far more intimate. It is about you and your partner sharing your love without the typical adoration of others and without all the bells and whistles. It gives the couples freedom to have the specific people attend who will make their day memorable. 

Less stress 

While elopements may sound like a breeze, they are not 100% stress-free, nor are weddings are total stress zone. It depends on the people you have, what you have envisaged and how you plan to handle it. Traditional weddings have stressful red flags zones such as the task of seating arrangements, and dealing with conflicting family members. Obviously, elopements usually don’t have these same danger areas.

More Locations 

With elopements, all of the rules, obligations, and expectations fly out the window. Couples are freer to make the most preferred choices for their day, especially when it comes to location. For example, you aren’t bound to wedding-friendly locations like wedding event centres or hotels, your venues can be mountaintops, beaches, rainforests, or the countryside – the options are endless.

When you don’t have to accommodate a certain number of people, catering requirements, traditions and more , you can choose any of the locations that’ll help you make your day the most meaningful.

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