5 Best Places To Eat On Mykonos After A Day At The Beach 

best places to eat mykonos

No trip to Mykonos is complete without checking out all of the amazing restaurants and bars on offer. But where to begin? Here are the best ways to enjoy all the food this destination has to offer.

Mykonos is one of the best and most exclusive summer destinations in the Mediterranean. If luxury, world-class partying, authentic Greek island-style experiences, heart-warming beachside moments, and, of course, Mykonos gastronomy adventures are on your agenda, then pack your bags and get yourself there this summer.

Here are 5 of the best plaes to enjoy a meal on Mykonos!

where to eat in mykonos

#1 – Appaloosa Bar Restaurant – A classic Mykonos staple 

You’ll find this hidden treasure in the beating heart of the island, the Chora (aka Mykonos Town). It represents the history of this beautiful place in the Mediterranean Sea since 1997.

Expect a venue with a unique ambiance, relaxed atmosphere, authentic dishes from international and local cuisine, and a lively bar serving delicious cocktails and refreshing drinks. But besides the Greek options, you’ll also find Mexican, Indian, and Indonesian influences, as well as plenty of vegan plates. 

where to eat in mykonos

#2- Private Dining 

Mykonos is the land of exclusivity, utmost pampering, wish fulfilment, and VIP experiences. For that reason, it’s no surprise that you can have a private, award-winning chef prepare a delicious meal at the comfort of your luxury Mykonos villa.

Why not have it served at your terrace, balcony, patio, garden, or lounge, dining or poolside area overlooking the greatness of the Aegean Sea?! Sounds good to us.

#3 – Hippie Fish – Chic and stylish with stunning sea views 

One of the most elegant restaurants and romantic beach bars with a laid-back vibe is Hippie Fish. Adorning the coastline of the Cyclades Queen, this beachfront venue is sitting on the lap of Agios Ioannis beach, a premium location on Mykonos.

The venue pampers travellers’ taste buds with fresh fish, seafood dishes, appetising salads and paellas, among  many others. Equally impressive are its cocktails and selection of summer drinks that accompany every occasion perfectly.

No wonder it’s the favourite spot of numerous TikTok and Instagram influencers and international foodies, who all pilgrimage here in the summer months!

#3 – NOA – A small paradise pampering your taste buds in an unpretentious way

NOA is nestled in the vibrant Mykonos Town and creates haute cuisine by blending contemporary innovation with traditional tastes. It also comes with stunning sunset views and a menu full of flavours and aromas influenced by ancient Greek cuisine that have been magnificently levelled up with modern touches.

Apart from the generous portions and mouth-watering tastes, NOA impresses with its exceptional service, chilled ambiance, and live Greek music filling the air with Greek melodies.

What is even more exciting about NOA is that it has embraced a farm-to-table philosophy, which means that every ingredient used to create the delicious dishes served here is grown, reared, and fished exclusively for NOA restaurant.

#5 – Mediterraneo – The finest Italian restaurant in town

Located in the scenic Lekka district in the historical centre of Mykonos Town, Mediterraneo has been catering to the needs of the most discerning Italian food lovers since 1998.

Founded by two Florentine boys with great passion for fine gastronomy, it’s a favourite meeting point for thousands of visitors who want to taste exquisite Italian dishes, such as pizzas and pasta, along with tasty salads and a nice selection of drinks.

In addition, they also specialise in Asian dishes and sushi. A small insider’s tip here? Consider ordering a slice of Nutella cheesecake. You can thank us later! 

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