What Is Hydrodermabrasion And Is It For You?

what is hydrodermabrasion
From top dermatologists and beauty editors to our favourite skinfluencers, we’ve heard that regular exfoliation is one of their biggest beauty go-to’s. So, if exfoliation is key, what pray tell, can hydrodermabrasion do for us? Keep reading to learn more!

But first, what is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a process that removes dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. Regular exfoliation helps unclog pores, brighten the complexion, prevent acne, even out skin tone, all whilst boosting circulation and performing lymphatic drainage.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why exfoliation is practiced religiously by skin and beauty enthusiasts in their skincare routine.

There are two ways to exfoliate: chemical and manual. Chemical exfoliation uses alpha hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid to dissolve the dead skin cells. You can have this done by a dermatologist or facialist, but you can also use skincare products with a mild concentration of these acids at home.

Manual exfoliation needs a tool like a face towel, face scrubs, and gently abrasive instruments to physically remove the dead skin cells, however it’s important to note that this method is not recommended for sensitive or acne-prone skin types.

what is hydrodermabrasion

Enter, the new innovations: microdermabrasion and hydrodermabrasion

Innovative ways to professionally exfoliate were recently introduced to skincare, such as microdermabrasion and hydrodermabrasion. What are these processes, and what do they do to your skin? Let’s firstly talk about microdermabrasion, how it works, and what skin problems it addresses.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is manual exfoliation, often practiced at a skin clinic. It uses fine crystals or a diamond tip to deeply exfoliate the skin and slough off the dead skin cells, oil, and dirt sitting on the top layer. It’s applied in conjunction with an ultra-hydrating serum that penetrates deep into your skin.

After you’ve gotten rid of all the gunk, you’re left with plump, moisturised, and youthful skin. The entire process encourages the renewal of skin cells and boosts collagen production.

What is Hydrodermabrasion?

On the other hand, Hydro dermabrasion takes Microdermabrasion to a whole new level. From the words hydro and dermabrasion, you might have already figured out that this treatment incorporates some hydration, and you are absolutely right.

It’s a similar process to microdermabrasion but this technique provides the added benefit of improving circulation, and hydrating the skin. It infuses the skin with a specific cocktail of ingredients targeted toward your specific skin concern.

Whether your concern is dehydration, pigmentation, congested skin or acne prone, your provider will determine the specific skincare infusion that is most appropriate.

The addition of the hydrating fluid makes this treatment more compatible for those with dry and sensitive skin types than traditional microdermabrasion. You can also have a gentler liquid exfoliation applied, which is great for those with more sensitive or mature skin.

What skin problems can hydrodermabrasion treat?

Hydro microdermabrasion machines are excellent at addressing various skin problems and they work best for those with sensitive skin. They improve skin texture and leave you with the type of smooth and supple skin that causes people to ask you what skincare products you use! From the first session you’ll be impressed with the radiance of your skin.

Regular hydrodermabrasion treatments can give you the following results:

  • Revitalised and nourished skin thanks to increased circulation

  • Plumper skin with visibly fewer fine lines and wrinkles

  • Increased hydration levels

  • Less pore congestion and acne

  • Lighter acne scars

  • Smother skin texture overall, including minimised appearance of large pores

  • Improvement in pigmentation and sun damage

  • Boost in collagen and elastin production

  • Improved barrier function and increased cellular turnover

We don’t know about you, but we want all of those!

What can I expect with hydrodermabrasion?

Before starting, your provider will want to learn more about your specific skin concerns. This is important, as a customised skincare solution will be incorporated into the hydrodermabrasion process to target these problems.

Using the tried-and-true microdermabrasion exfoliation technology of utilising a diamond tip to exfoliate your skin, your skin will be gently exfoliated. A gentle vacuum uses vortex suction to clean out your pores. Dirt, debris, excess sebaceous oil, grime and superficial dead skin cells get sucked into waste container.

Once all the gunk is removed, your skin will better absorb product – it’s now ready to soak up all the nourishment and benefits from the customised skincare solution that’s been crafted for you. Your skin is then b infused with ultra hydrating, liquid skincare ingredients.

40-50 minutes later, the treatment is complete – there’s no downtime, which is a fantastic bonus.

Where can I get it?

To learn more about our HydroLUX technology for hydro microdermabrasion, contact us at The Global Beauty Group on (03) 8555 2246 to learn more or to find a treatment provider in your area!

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