5 Most Romantic Places In Mykonos For Couples

mykonos best places to visit
If you’re planning a getaway in Mykonos with your partner, nothing can prepare you for the levels of luxury, romance, and thrill that await. Here are five of the dreamiest locations in Mykonos for a perfect escapade for you and your significant other!

With its idyllic settings, sugary beaches, romantic sunsets, mind-blowing seascapes, friendly locals, mouth-watering cuisine, whitewashed architecture and the warm culture, this famous Greek island will capture your heart forever.

Keep reading for 5 places you must add to your Mykonos bucket-list

ornos bay mykonos best places

#1 – Ornos Bay – Blending romance, authentic Mykonos experiences, and an animated nightlife

Ornos is an ideal spot if you’re looking for a peaceful time away from the bustling capital (yet want remain close enough to all the evening and nightly action).

It also boasts proximity to a fine-sand cosmopolitan beach, traditional Cycladic architecture, plenty of friendly locals locals, soothing landscapes, and a vibrant nightlife with plenty of entertainment options. 

Tucked next to a traditional village and an idyllic bay, Ornos Bay sits just a few kilometres from Mykonos Town and offers superior, luxury accommodation with an impressive range of amenities, services, and facilities (we’re talking private pool, private beach, private dining, and luxury wellness options).

On top of all that, Ornos is a lively place – especially around sunset, and it provides a great array of bars, cafes, and restaurants to spend soul-pleasing moments with your partner! 

#2 – Agios Sostis – A gorgeous beach with unbeatable vibes

One of the most beautiful shores on Mykonos and the perfect place to bask in the sun and dip your toes in crystal-clear waters and fine sand, is of course – Agios Sostis. 

The atmosphere here is hugely inviting and laid-back, which is part of the appeal of Agios Sostis beach. As for the views, they tale your breath away, guaranteed. 

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Alternatively, you can ask for a private chauffeur to drive you around the island, including its captivating beaches. You might even want to indulge in a superior on-the-beach massage experience delivered by a local professional!

#3 – Lia Beach – A heavenly place to be with nothing but the bare minimals 

With its tranquil and more isolated feel, Lia Beach is a fantastic spot to enjoy a cocktail or coffee under an umbrella while laying on a comfy beach chair and soaking up pristine views.  

The dazzling shore pampers visitors with lots of options, including swimming in azure waters, snorkelling, and scuba diving. However, it’s not accessible by public transit, so you’ll need to make arrangements to get here.

Despite the super private sensation all the way along the shore, for even more peace and quiet you can head a bit further over the rocks on your left, where a more secluded section of the beach lies. 

Tip: Feel free to remove anything limiting you from becoming one with the surrounding nature and live the Mykonos way! 

#4 – Little Venice – Where Venetian architecture meets heart-stopping sunset views

Swaying away from the stunning coastline, the capital of the island (aka the Chora or Mykonos Town) is home to amazing cobbled streets lined with chalky, cubic-shaped houses with flower-filled balconies, and charming milky-white chapels with blue domes.

However, the western shore of the Chora is another story. The Venetian-style Little Venice is a beachfront neighbourhood adorned with fabulous, colourful, two-storey homes (now operating as restaurants, bars, and cafes) with wooden, bougainvillaea-embellished balconies hanging over the water.

Even a simple stroll along the shimmering Aegean Sea is romantic on its own. Imagine having the last cocktail of the day or a nice dinner on the waterfront just before the sun slides behind the Mediterranean horizon, painting the whitewashed Mykonos with shades of warm oranges, reds, and yellows!

Not to mention that you get almost the same vibe as the canals of the bewildering Italian Venice – so it’s a double win.

#5 – Paraga Beach – The most buoyant  face of Mykonos

Paraga is one of the party meccas on Mykonos island. It’s the perfect option if you fancy the idea of partying in the manner than has put Mykonos on the map as an iconic party summer destination.

This is the perfect place to enjoy drinks on the beach with beats from international DJ decks swirling in the air. You can explore the legendary Kalua Beach Bar or other nearby party beaches, such as Super Paradise and Paradise beach, which attract celebs and other free-spirited individuals for night-long fun till the early hours.

Mykonos is simply breath-taking, whether you visit it for its amazing golden hours, local architecture, sugary shores, crystalline waters, supreme gastronomy and natural Greek island beauties, or its most animated party and night scene. In any case, enjoy! 

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