12 Of The Most Fun Wedding Ideas for 2023

You’ll remember your wedding ceremony and reception for a lifetime, and the little and it’s the unexpected elements which make your big day even more memorable. Listed below are 12 most fun wedding ideas for 2023!

Once you’ve found the ideal location, planned your bridal party, confirmed the guest list, and confirmed your colour scheme, it’s time to put together a wedding ceremony and reception that’s full flair and fun. Keep reading to get inspired for your big day!

#1 – Smoke bombs and fireworks

It may sound dramatic, but using vibrantly colored smoke bombs and fireworks can be fantastic wedding decoration ideas. Whilst normally a night time idea, they still have an effect if your wedding is during the day. You can also add a little sparkle with fireworks that can be timed to coincide with your entry.

#2 – Express your story on a love board

Expressing love can be done in a variety of ways. You can write on a chalkboard or create a collage of photos that depicts the evolution of your relationship over time. Make your day unforgettable by choosing whichever is more imaginative and romantic for you guys!

#3 – Light up letters

Those big, bold lit up letters are an excellent way to decorate your dance floor or wedding stage, plus, they look great in photos. We’re talking the ones that stand on the ground and have bright light bulbs embedded inside. Get these in your initials to create the perfect backdrop for your party.

#4 – Photobooths

Photo booths have been around for a while at gatherings and parties of all kinds, but for good reason – everybody loves them. You can provide several quirky props for people to play with while their having their photo taken, for maximum effect.

#5 – Matching squad bracelets

Once you’ve picked out the bridesmaid dresses, it’s time to accessorise. Make your squad look good with Miss Poppy Design freshwater pearl and acrylic letter bracelets. This is a beautiful keepsake that you and your besties can continue to cherish for years to come.

#6 – Centerpieces

A centerpiece is a decorative element on top of the tables that accentuates the whole arrangement. You can display flowers, candles, candies, or other objects. Fruits make great centerpieces on their own, as do photos – use your imagination to spruce up the top of a table exquisitely.

#7 – Create an RSVP card

Make a simple RSVP card that reflects the personality of you and your partner. Search online for plenty of options that can easily be personalised, – they don’t need to be too formal or fancy.

#8 – Bridesmaid and bridal party gifts

No wedding is complete without spoiling your nearest and dearest with a few treats! Get beautiful bridesmaid gifts to spoil your besties, sisters, and family. There are no shortage of wedding gifts ideas available, such as premium bridesmaid boxes, candles, pampering items, plus jewellery and accessories.

#9- Try alternatives to guestbooks.

Not a fan of a traditional guest book? No problem, why not create a website for your guests to upload messages instead. Later, you could even create an artwork out of the messages people wrote for you. 

#10 – Dedicated seats for couples

Consider setting up a sweetheart table on your wedding day. The newlyweds sit at this table with their families surrounded by them. Also, you might want to create a lounge area for the wedding where people can relax and mingle without it being too formal. 

#11 – Table runners

A table runner is as essential as a centerpiece to the top of your table. Customise the table runners with your choice of fabric that works with your chosen wedding theme. You can then coordinate your centerpiece with the table runner as a way of dazzling up the décor.

#12 – Other ideas

To make your wedding day even more unique and fun there’s still a few more things you can do! Ideas include, organising chair covers, or showcasing a favourite love quote on a mirrored sign in bold frame.

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