Things You Don’t Need In Your Wedding To Save Money

things you don't need at your wedding

There’s so much that goes into planning the perfect wedding – and so much cost. From choosing the perfect dress and shoes, to the yummiest food, the prettiest flowers, and much more. It all adds up, and fast.

Opting out of some of the common things for your wedding can help save you the headache as well as some money. If you’re looking to cut back on expenses, we’ve compiled a list of things we believe you can really do without on your big day. Read on for more tips!

#1 – Skip Physical Invitations

Physical invitations are lovely, and there’s no doubt people like to receive them, but they always go into the bin after the wedding. At best, they are chucked into a box to collect dust.

Instead, go digital and send your invitations via one of the many online invitation platforms out there. Plenty of free wedding websites let you design invitations and track your guest list. In turn, you’ll be saving the environment by using less paper, lessening your stress and lightening your expenses.

#2 – Skip Confetti

Having confetti raining down on your and your new husband as you exit the church seems fun and would look good in the pictures, but in reality, do you really need this? Not only is it messy, not all confetti poppers will work anyway!

As an alternative, ask your venue if bubble-blowing is a possibility. Or, if your event is held outdoors, punch some holes out of dried leaves for environmentally friendly confetti that will cost you next to nothing.

#3 – Skip the Big Expensive Cake

Most 5 to 6-tier wedding cakes, no matter how “simple”, often take up a considerable chunk of your budget. They also tend to be a waste because not everyone will eat it.

Skip the latest and greatest instagram wedding cake specialist and reach out to your local baker. 1 or 2 tiers are enough for people to enjoy. Cut small pieces for the dessert table. Small wedding cakes are trending these days too!

#4 – Skip the Wedding Favours

Your guests won’t use your customised wedding tote bag, no matter how totetally cute they are. Sadly, most wedding guest favours get left behind. If you are lucky, the venue staff will take them home, or they will get tossed.

If you insist on favours, be thoughtful about what you include. There’s no need to splash out on customised sanitiser sprays and other bizarre items. Instead, go with something edible. ‘Mint To Be’ mints are cute as are other edible items such as chocolate and tea/coffee.

#5 – Skip the Wedding Guest Book

Guest books are a great way for guests to write little notes to the bride and groom. Coupled with some polaroid pictures makes a great souvenir. But it is also a little outdated and will likely sit on your bookshelf for years.

Instead, get your guest to sign their names on a poster framed picture of both of you. That way, you can hang it in your home and look at it anytime.

#6 – Skip Uniformed Bridesmaids

Generally, the bride buys all of her bridesmaids’ outfits. This could cost you a pretty penny, depending on the number of bridesmaids and their taste. These days, bridesmaids don’t have to look the same, or wear something brand new that’s supplied by the bride.

Instead, have a wardrobe styling party – each bridesmaid can take a selection of their dresses along to a get-together of all the bridesmaids. The idea is that everyone swaps and chooses their bridesmaids dress from the group. This will not only save hundreds of dollars, you’ll all be closer as friends. As for their bouquets, buy affordable local fresh flowers, which tend to last longer.

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