13 Runway Fashion Trends That Have Defined 2022 So Far

runway trends 2022

From the key runway fashion trends that have emerged in 2022, you’ll see everything from monochrome looks, to bold colours; oversized silhouettes to shrunken blazers – and everything in between.

During the major fashion weeks around the world, the top brands present their latest collections for fashion consumers, the media and buyers to pore over. It’s an insight into where fashion is headed, and often leads consumer trends by a year or two at least. 

Truthfully, the majority of what we see on the runway is difficult to implement in real life, but the designs and trends will trickle down to every day wear – eventually. From there, it can be hard to escape these trends, they have an impact on what we all wear, regardless of whether we follow fashion closely or we don’t.

As the saying goes, fashion is what you buy, style is how you wear it. Going into 2022, we were in an unusual fashion period, somewhere between comfortable pandemic wear and complete party mode. But what about 2023 and beyond? 

Here are 13 runway fashion trends that are going to play out this year and next!

#1 – Low-Rise Pants and Skirts

Yes, the spring runways were awash with low-rise skirts and trousers. You may avoid this style if you were never a fan of it in the early 2000s, but if you’re ready for a change from high-waisted skirts and pants, why not try something new?

#2 – Chain Belts

The chain belt has flourished in 2022. This accessory was well-known in the 1990s, and it is now returning with more vigor. A chain belt can go well with with any outfit, however, knit dresses are its preferred pairing. It’s worth highlighting that the chain belt should be worn above your navel.

#3 – The Catsuit

One of the most surprising fashions to surface this year is the catsuit. But before you think it belongs just on the catwalk (as seen often on Burberry and Saint Laurent), you should know that it has been around for years. It’s as if your go-to yoga one-piece received an unexpected after-dark upgrade.

#4 – High Neck Dresses

The long fitting turtleneck dress appears simple, but it is actually full of details. The sleek and seductive clothing item may be worn up with stiletto boots or down with casual flats. It is the perfect setting for all of the latest accessories, from chain belts to bangle bracelets. For the perfect look, you can pair your high neck dress with some gorgeous sapphire earrings from Diamondère.

#5 – Short Skirts

In truth, miniskirts never go out of style for too long. However, ultra-short skirts are once again popular in 2022. We’re loving the chance to  show more of our legs, gain a little height, and gain confidence.

#6 – Tractor Trek-Sole Boots

From Balenciaga to Zara, every fashion house is emulating the simple tractor boot, which had a meteoric rise in the autumn of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. 

The tractor-style boot is one of the most sought-after styles in clothing this year. It is distinguished by an almost comically bulbous toe and a thick, hard sole. Whether worn with a long dress or a very short skirt, the boots are cool and practical at the same time.

#7- Cut-Outs

Cutouts were all over the runways in 2022, allowing us to show off some skin during spring and summer. Stella McCartney went for asymmetric cut-outs, while on other runways from David Koma and Prabal Gurung, artistic cut-outs were shown on the back, waist, hips, and other parts of the body.

#8 – Bright Bags

Coming to accessories, this year’s popular pick is a big, bold, and colorful bag. They will brighten any outfit and match with practically any style of outfit. It’s time to embrace your passion for color and finish building your handbag collection. Every hue is OK!

#9 – Oversize Jackets

The trend of large, boxy jackets is not going away any time soon. Generally preferred in black, they also look stylish in tan or white. You can pair big jackets with nearly anything, including denim, complementing pants, knit dresses, simple skirts and more.

#10 – Micro Blazers

Smaller and leaner blazers with a more fitted form have also graced the runway in 2022. The micro blazer provides you a plethora of fresh fashion possibilities when worn with anything from slim jeans to short skirts.

#11 – Shiny Elements

Ladies, don’t hide your spark in 2022. High shine is being embraced by brands like Celine and Carolina Herrera. These outfits, which range from maxi skirts and petite dresses to boots, are ideal for a night at the club.

#12 – Fringe and Feathers

It’s time to move with feathers and fringe that follow your every motion. Don’t be hesitant to wear bold pieces, whether it’s a voluminous skirt adorned with feathers or a shirt with fringed sleeves.

#13 – Extra-Large Shirts & Sleeves

Oversized shirts have begun trending recently, and they are as airy and carefree as we all want to be. The silhouette is typically worn with flowing giant pants and casually buttoned across the middle as seen on Gigi Hadid. And don’t forget about statement sleeves! From billowing balloon sleeves to voluminous ruffles, this is one trend that is sure to turn heads. 

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