How To Wear Sneakers In 2022 For Any Occasion

how to wear sneakers 2022
Looking for ideas on how to wear sneakers? Well, look no further. We’ve rounded up the ultimate guide to wearing sneakers the right way, in 2022 and beyond!

Cast your mind back to 2012 when Isabel Marant released her now-infamous sneaker wedge which caused a fashion storm. Shoes that were comfortable and stylish? Unheard of! It was fashion mayhem.

Did we love them or hate them? Opinions ranged from one extreme to the next but Marant’s sneakers were a sell out. A million copy-cat shoe designs followed and slowly, the tide began to turn.

Then, we began to see our favourite street style stars convert from running around the European cobblestones in 6 inch stilettos to teaming their Prada midi skirts with a classic white sneaker-shoe.

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Enter 2022: In the years that have passed, sneakers have had a major reinvention to become THE shoe for all occasions. Previously, fashion rules dictated that the only place we should wear sneakers was to the gym.  But ever since Isabel Marant decided to throw her sneaky wedged shoes at the rule book, things have been changing.

Heck, we’re even seeing online retailers like Sneaker Release Tees pop up to quench our desire to not only wear our favourite cult sneakers on our feet, we can wear them interpreted into t-shirts too!

We are definitely having a love affair with the sneaker revival and now that literally everyone from Chanel to Kanye to Burberry are pumping out sneakers each season, there’s no shortage of pairs to choose from no matter your personal style.

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How to wear sneakers and still look stylish? Mix it up

Here’s an equation that’ll make your head spin: Maxi Dress + Leather Jacket + Sneakers = Hell Yes! What sounds on paper like a recipe for disaster can actually be a winning outfit combination.

Keep your sneakers fresh and white and your maxi dress chic with plenty of flow. Throw on a leather jacket to keep you warm (and add a bit of texture to your look) and your outfit is guaranteed to be cooler than stan smiths online from general pants

Adidas Stan Smith from General Pants


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