Sneaker Freaker: How To Wear Sneakers For Any Occasion


Cast your mind back to 2011. Jennifer Lawrence was fresh on the scene and took us all by surprise at the Oscars in that perfectly-fitting red dress. We’d just been introduced to the hot new colour-blocking trend and Jeggings were a thing (we still wish they weren’t.)

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Little did we know that the following year, Isabel Marant would release her now-infamous sneaker wedge and cause a fashion storm. Shoes that were comfortable and stylish? Unheard of! It was fashion mayhem. Did we love them or hate them? Opinions ranged from one extreme to the next but Marant’s sneakers were a sell out. A million copy-cat shoe designs followed and slowly, the tide began to turn.

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Enter 2016: In those four years sneakers have had a major reinvention. Fashion rules have dictated that the only place we should wear sneakers is to the gym.  But ever since Isabel Marant decided to throw her sneaky wedged shoes at the rule book, things have been changing.

We are definitely having a love affair with the sneaker revival and now that everyone from Kanye to Burberry has a sneaker line, we think it’s high time you jump on board the Rebel Express and throw the ‘sneaker’ rule out the window.

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