How To Make Your First Apartment Feel Like A Home

how to make your apartment feel like a home 2
Is there anything more exciting than moving out of home into your first apartment? Didn’t think so. You’ve got the opportunity to redecorate your own space, have your own routine, and enjoy total privacy. But how to make the space feel like a home? Keep reading to learn more!

So you’ve signed on the dotted line, found the best commercial packers and movers and you’ve told all your friends to expect a housewarming invite in the near future. It’s not until you move all your belongings into the empty apartment that you realise this is when the real work begins!

It may seem daunting initially, but completely redecorating your space to feel like home can be a great experience. You get the opportunity to redesign your decor and express your personality just the way you like it. We’ve rounded up 4 key tips to transform your new place.

Best Ways to Make an Apartment Feel Like Home

how to make your apartment feel like a home

The experience of moving into a new home can bring about a wide range of feelings. Change can be just as exciting as it is daunting. And whether you’re moving to a new city, country, or simply a building down the street, new spaces often inspire lifestyle change.

On the other hand, every one of us is a creature of habit, and when something unexpected disrupts our routine, it can become challenging. It can take some time to feel entirely at ease in a new place, and it can take even longer to develop the sense that you’re ‘home’ when you’re there.

#1 – Install cosy lighting 

Lighting is a vital component of interior design and it’s often underappreciated. The lighting level can set the mood and highlight different aspects of the space.

The right lighting can also transform an uninviting area into a warm and inviting one. Therefore, no apartment makeover is complete without some strategic use of lighting.

Most interior designers follow the rule that each space should have at least three different lighting sources to create different illumination zones.

Since these lighting sources serve other purposes, they will often be at varying levels in the rooms. Lighting can be targeted for activities like reading, and some types of lighting are better suited for broader purposes such as illumination or mood enhancement.

#2 – Clean and organise your space 

In most cases, the landlord should have already organised the cleaning of your new apartment, but it’s always good practice to go over everything one more time to make sure nothing was missed.

Given that your furniture will likely be sitting in the same place for long periods, you should be really thorough in these areas as they may not be so accessible in the future.

Once everything is cleaned, declutter and organise your items methodically. Start thinking about how you want to use the spaces on a day-to-day basis.

Put away anything you are unlikely to need into accessible storage boxes. For things that you will need occasionally, find ways to store them so they are out of sight but within easy reach.

#3 – Repaint

If you’re renting, ask the landlord about whether or not you are permitted to paint the entire apartment. Alternatively, look up the terms of your lease to work out what is allowed and what isn’t. Painting the walls is a cost effective way to give a room a new feel without spending too much money.

When choosing a colour, generally, lighter colours work in smaller spaces and can give the illusion of space. Decide on the most suitable colour based on your personal taste and other furniture items.

If you’re renting, you’ll probably want to avoid painting any very bright or dark colours as these will be hard to remove when it comes time to move out.

#4 – Frame your pictures

If you are looking for things to display on your walls, you might want to think about adding framed photos of your family and friends as further decorations. Nothing will make a new place feel more like home than photos of your loved ones. You can create a collage of photos and build it out gradually, or select a few favourite pictures to hang as stand-out pieces.

As an alternative to traditional framed photos, you can choose canvas-printed art pieces. The correctly chosen wall art will give your apartment a more warm and cozy feel. As canvas prints comes in various types, sizes, and shapes, you can choose the home decoration style that suits your interior the most. Adding wall art to your home helps to upgrade your interior design without many modifications or expenses.

Takeaway message

Living in your first rental, such as an apartment, is a very different experience to the familiar comfort of being at home with family. However, with some easy adjustments, you can make the space feel like home in no time. As your home is an extension of yourself don’t put off the task of updating the space so that it makes you feel happy and comfortable.

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