How to Make Your Apartment Look More Grown Up

apartment more grown up
The time will come when you’ll want an apartment that’s a little more ‘grown up’ – a place to call your own that has a sophisticated, comfortable and inviting aesthetic. While mismatched thrifted furniture and IKEA pieces might have fit the bill in your early days, sooner or later you’ll be ready for the next step in the adulting adventure.

However, making your apartment look and feel more grown up doesn’t mean you need to ditch your well-loved and eclectic items, and instantly implement a drab or boring interior decoration style. Far from it.

All you need to do is smooth out some of the rough edges and add a touch of refinement. This might include shopping for chic and timeless lounge suites to replace a worn-out and uncomfortable sofa. Or you may want to invest in one or two new statement pieces like a bar cart or a stylish floor lamp.

With just a few small touches, you can transform an unsophisticated space into an adult-friendly zone. Just remember to keep your interests in mind and consider how you will use your rooms on a day-to-day basis. Lastly, don’t be afraid to express your own tastes through the design!

Let’s take a look at a few simple tips to make your apartment look and feel  more ‘grown up’.


#1 – Frame Your Pictures 

Your favourite wall posters and art prints are part of who you are, and that blu-tacked photo collage of family and friends you have put up on the wall should certainly stay in one format or another. However, to showcase your photos and art in a more cohesive and elevated way, buy some frames. Framing your favourite posters and photos will help you showcase what’s important while looking well-considered and classy.


#2 – Display Your Alcohol

Putting your (adult-style) alcohol on display is one sure-fire way to make your apartment instantly feel more sophisticated. Get rid of that beer can tower and replace it with a wine rack or a bar cart. If you have accessories like cocktail shakers, openers, stoppers and other drink-related paraphernalia, keep these items on display alongside your drinks collection for an even classier look. 

indoor plants apartment more grown up

#3 – Add Some Greenery 

Placing some plants throughout your apartment will not only make it feel more like you’ve ‘arrived’, it will also improve the air quality in your home. There are a range of different houseplants that you can choose from depending on your style, budget and how much time you are willing to give to looking after them. With the right houseplants, you can quickly and easily make your space feel more homely.

update lighting make apartment more grown up

#4 – Update Your Lighting 

Paper shades and plastic lamps were fine in your uni days, but they certainly do not convey ‘adult’. Updating your lighting fixtures and adding some luxe-looking lamps throughout your apartment will help you to bring some maturity to your space. Take some time to consider your lighting options as soft, ambient lighting and contemporary lighting fixtures will help to create a comfortable ambience that you’ll love coming home to.

bathroom ideas make apartment more grown up

#5 – Keep The Bathroom Stocked

Fresh, matching towels, nice soap and scented candles are quick and easy ways to add a little luxury to your bathroom. Be sure to always have plenty of supplies available in cupboards; these little touches will help establish the house as a home, and make it feel a lot more established. 

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