Six Cheap Home Upgrades That’ll Revamp Your Space

Cheap Home Upgrades
If you often get bored with your decor at home, then some cheap home upgrades can refresh your space and bring a new perspective to your surroundings. Changing things up – no matter how big or how small, is a great way to be creative and channel your mood of the moment.

The trouble is of course, that once we get started, it’s so easy for what we expect to be ‘quick and simple’ cheap home upgrades to spiral into a full revamp. But this is where we need to implement discipline! Totally revamping your space not only costs way too much, it isn’t remotely environmentally friendly.

Oftentimes upgrading your home is more about removing a piece from the equation rather than adding more. It could be as simple as installing an interesting piece of wall art or getting rid of an item of furniture to make the space feel new again.

So, even if you have all the time and money to do a full revamp, firstly consider if you really need to do so. Then, stick to some basic tips anytime you want to upgrade your home – this will let you change things up without having to change the lot!

But first, apply Coco Chanel’s mantra to your home:

“Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off”.

The lesson: remove one thing from your space. Before you start shopping around for even more things to make the space feel special, choose one thing to part with and donate it to a thrift store, or sell it. You will be surprised at how fresh the room feels already, it will make a world of difference!

Cheap Home Upgrades

Keep reading for 6 cheap home upgrades that will make your home feel new again

#1 – Change the setting

Here’s a home upgrade that’s so cheap it’s FREE. One of the easiest ways to upgrade a room without spending a dollar is to mix it up by rearranging. While tiny floor plans may not have the flexibility to handle too much rearrangement, on the bright side, living in a small space means there’s less furniture to move around, so you can try new things without investing too much sweat equity! And since everything counts in a small room, just moving a couple of chairs or re-arranging some knick knacks can make a big difference.

Now if you’re looking for a cheap home upgrade that will really have an impact – and you have multiple rooms to play with, consider changing the usage of the rooms altogether! For instance, why not switch the dining room with the second bedroom or turn that spare room into a study – with a little imagination, the options are endless. You can even raise the sale price of your home by utilising this strategy if you’re clever about it.

#2 – Customise your walls

When a complete new interior paint job or pricey art is out of the question, it’s still possible to bring fresh updates to your walls throughout the home. How? Wall stickers! Simply, wall stickers are one of the best cheap home upgrades – they are super-affordable and let you personalise and decorate all types of walls, whether interior and exterior. Better yet, they come in a huge range of designs to suit all tastes and styles. Nursery wall stickers are a great way to bring cheer and happiness to the rooms of little ones, and being priced so affordably, they can be swapped out to your heart’s content.

#3 – Linen Update

This might sound like something grandma used to say, but every once in a while, update your linens. New textures, colours and prints across bed sheets, quilts and blankets will instantly update the vibe of a whole bedroom. Given that your bed is the centrepiece to your private sanctuary and one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your house, make the most of it! Think of the bedspread as essentially a large blank canvas for a painting. Choose a new style, colour or texture to set the scene for the entire room.

#4 – Add a breath of life

Even if you’re not a green thumb, it’s possible to bring living greenery to your home that’s both attractive and practical. Indoor or windowsill home herb gardens are a wonderful way to improve the feel of your kitchen as they bring a small slice of nature and vibrancy to it. Small potted plants of any kind are an effective way to add colour, scent and texture…and they’re not THAT difficult to look after – (we promise!)

And as far as cheap home upgrades go, this suggestion has definitely got to be one of the most economical, with the added potential to actually SAVE you money over the long term.

#5 – Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are very often used by professional interior designers as a handy tool when a sense of roominess and depth are needed within a space. They also tend to elevate and bring a certain classiness to a room which makes them one of the best cheap home upgrades if you’re on a budget. A well placed mirror can also help draw natural light into the home and reduce the need for leaving the light switches on!

In addition to all of these benefits, mirrors are one of the best ways to lay the foundational theme of a room – especially if they are imposing in size. From oversized, ornate French mirrors to sleek and minimal industrial ones, there is a mirror ready to help you achieve any interior design objective.

#7 – Give life to old pieces

If you’re looking to really infuse your space with a feeling of ‘new’ and you’re committed to undertaking cheap home upgrades only, then consider upcycling and recycling old furniture items.

You could restore and repaint an old coffee table, reupholster a tired arm chair or use an old picture frame for a new piece of artwork which will add creativity and authenticity to your home. Secondhand stores, markets, online marketplaces and even council pick ups can be treasure troves when you’re willing to add a dose of creativity into making your home feel fresh again.

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    Thanks for sharing these unique and worth applying techniques. Replacing old lights with new LED lights can be an option for you to make your look new again.

  • Reply Ecofin LED Lighting Tuesday 18th May, 2021 at 8:58 pm

    Thanks for the handy upgrades. Some of my favorites are:

    Installing a low-cost stair runner.
    Renewing flooring with paint.
    Painting kitchen cabinets with refreshing colours.
    Highlighting the space with lighting


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